jam on

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يَشُدُّ كوابِح السَّيّارَه
beletapos a fékbe
birden basmak

w>jam on

vt sep
to jam on the brakeseine Vollbremsung machen, voll auf die Bremse latschen (inf)
to jam on one’s hatsich (dat)den Hut aufstülpen
vi (brakes)klemmen
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(dʒӕm) past tense, past participle jammed verb
1. to crowd full. The gateway was jammed with angry people.
2. to squeeze, press or wedge tightly or firmly. He jammed his foot in the doorway.
3. to stick and (cause to) be unable to move. The door / steering-wheel has jammed.
4. (of a radio station) to cause interference with (another radio station's broadcast) by sending out signals on a similar wavelength.
1. a crowding together of vehicles, people etc so that movement is difficult or impossible. traffic-jams.
2. a difficult situation. I'm in a bit of a jam – I haven't got enough money to pay for this meal.
jam on
to put (brakes etc) on with force and haste. When the dog ran in front of his car he jammed on his brakes and skidded.
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