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jam 1

v. jammed, jam·ming, jams
1. To drive or wedge forcibly into a tight position: jammed the cork in the bottle.
2. To activate or apply (a brake) suddenly. Often used with on: jammed the brakes on.
a. To cause to become unworkable because a part is stuck: The wrinkled paper jammed the copying machine.
b. To cause (moving parts, for example) to lock into an unworkable position: jammed the typewriter keys.
a. To pack (items, for example) to excess; cram: jammed my clothes into the suitcase.
b. To fill (a container or space) to overflowing: I jammed the suitcase with clothes. Fans jammed the hallway after the concert.
5. To block, congest, or clog: a drain that was jammed by debris.
6. To crush or bruise: jam a finger.
7. Electronics To interfere with or prevent the clear reception of (broadcast signals) by electronic means.
8. Baseball To throw an inside pitch to (a batter), especially to prevent the batter from hitting the ball with the thicker part of the bat.
1. To become wedged or stuck: The coin jammed in the slot.
2. To become locked or stuck in an unworkable position: The computer keyboard jammed.
3. To force one's way into or through a limited space: We all jammed into the elevator.
4. Music To participate in a jam session.
5. Basketball To make a dunk shot.
1. The act of jamming or the condition of being jammed.
2. A crush or congestion of people or things in a limited space: a traffic jam.
3. A trying situation. See Synonyms at predicament.

[Origin unknown.]

jam′ma·ble adj.
jam′mer n.

jam 2

A preserve made from whole fruit boiled to a pulp with sugar.

[Possibly from jam.]

jam′my adj.


adj, -mier or -miest
1. covered with or tasting like jam
2. slang Brit lucky: jammy so-and-sos!.
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adjective (Brit. slang) lucky, favoured, charmed, fortunate, blessed, prosperous, serendipitous He is seen as lucky. Dead jammy, in fact.
مُغَطّى بالمُرَبّى
umazaný džemem
avoir du nezcollant
kámugur, klístraîur
zamazaný od džemu


[ˈdʒæmɪ] ADJ (Brit) (jammier (compar) (jammiest (superl))) → suertudo, potrudo


[ˈdʒæmi] (British) adj (= lucky) [person] → verni(e)jam-packed [ˌdʒæmˈpækt] adj [room] → comble; [street] → noir(e) de monde; [bus] → bondé(e); [container, suitcase] → plein(e) à ras bord
The room was jam-packed → La salle était comble.
to be jam-packed with sth → être rempli(e) de qchjam session nbœuf m


adj (+er) (Brit inf: = lucky) → Glücks-; a jammy shotein Glückstreffer m; the jammy bugger won three in a rowder verdammte Glückspilz hat dreimal nacheinander gewonnen (inf)


(dʒӕm) noun
a thick sticky substance made of fruit etc preserved by being boiled with sugar. raspberry jam; (also adjective) a jam sandwich.
jammy adjective
covered with jam. jammy fingers.
References in classic literature ?
Indeed, if it were not for this birthday, I really think she would have forgotten to go at all; but birthdays are great and solemn festivals with us, never allowed to slip by unnoticed, and always celebrated in the presence of a sympathetic crowd of relations(gathered from far and near to tell you how well you are wearing, and that nobody would ever dream, and that really it is wonderful), who stand round a sort of sacrificial altar, on which your years are offered up as a burnt-offering to the gods in the shape of lighted pink and white candles, stuck in a very large, flat, jammy cake.
Made with the Tempranillo grape and matured in oak casks, it gives a robust flavour, full of blackcurrant jammy aftertastes with a lingering finish.
The Sage Cheetah II ASIC brings the benefit of true plug-and-play compatibility to LiteOn's flat panel monitors," said Jammy Chen, Associate Vice President at LiteOn.
The gold medal winning Old Vine Zinfandel is a big jammy beast.
One minute she's singing about brave women overcoming hardship, next she's asking if Jammy Dodgers or chocolate digestives should go through to the next round.
Jammy Mancs won the title, but they'll never eclipse Liverpool
Leonardo DiCaprio, Mariah Carey, Gwyneth Paltrow and all of the jammy A-listers received a certificate for a pounds 12,500 expedition to view Arctic wildlife from a cozy 54-cabin ship.
THE Jam Tarts could consider themselves extremely jammy after Hartley's (awful pun intended) late strike gave Hearts an undeserved 3-2 win over Dundee United.
It makes my heart glad to see other people are moving about, winning medals and stuff, while I eat Jammy Dodgers and put my feet up.
2000 Cabernet Sauvignon, Central Coast - "Deep, dark garnet color with intense aromas of jammy fruit, spicy clove and ripe currant, accented with sweet oak.
It was so lucky that the box jammed - how jammy is that?
STEPHEN GALLACHER had an early tangle with a bunker "the size of a doughnut" but there was nothing jammy about his fightback at the US PGA Championship.