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Verb1.jampack - crowd or pack to capacityjampack - crowd or pack to capacity; "the theater was jampacked"
stuff - cram into a cavity; "The child stuffed candy into his pockets"
cram - put something somewhere so that the space is completely filled; "cram books into the suitcase"
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"It means that his schedule over the coming months will be jampacked".
West End Festival chairman Liz Scobie said: "The Festival is almost a month long, jampacked with an eclectic mix of events.
Their combined advocacies as the core of their governance was brought yesterday to Saint Louis University in Baguio to the delight of some 4,000 students who jampacked the Prince Bernard Gymnasium.
The court after hearing arguments that were held inchamber, as the court was jampacked with lawyers, company executives and journalists, said that the interim orders will continue till March 28, the next date of hearing.
Now in its fifth year, the one-day festival is jampacked with fun and music for all the family, and gives local performers and musicians the chance to showcase their talent to the crowds.
Whether it's bedtime or storytime, Tad and Dad is meant to be shared by big and small, so gather your tadpoles, no matter how jampacked your lily pad.
The thrilling final was also enjoyed by a jampacked spectators' hall with their cheering hands, shouting and dancing.
Organizing Secretary Miss Raham Bibi, representatives of the Directorate of Sports Higher Education Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, officials, players and large number of jampacked hall enjoyed the thrilling matches.
Thousands of speedway supporters are expected to descend on the Welsh capital for a day jampacked with fast and furious family fun, with riders reaching speeds of up to 70mph, competing on bikes with no brakes and acceleration that's faster than an F1 car.
A jampacked Press conference and a couple of store visits to unveil the latest Nakshatra collection were the highlights of her very short trip.
Michelle McPhee, business development officer at Middlesbrough Council, said: "It's great to see long and established businesses getting together with brand new ones and being able to offer a jampacked day for everyone to enjoy."
The webcomic is also jampacked with other things - like the fact that Moldova leads the world in alcohol consumption.