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v. jan·gled, jan·gling, jan·gles
To make a harsh metallic sound: The spurs jangled noisily.
1. To cause to make a harsh discordant sound.
2. To have an irritating effect on: The racket from the street jangled my nerves.
A harsh metallic sound.

[Middle English janglen, to chatter, from Old French jangler, probably of Germanic origin.]

jan′gler n.


[ˈdʒæŋgld] adj (nerves) → scosso/a
References in classic literature ?
Saying this he brushed past the steward and tried the door, but it was locked fast; whereat the fat steward chuckled and jangled his keys again.
Upon a wet evening, several months after the last chapter, two interminable rows of cars, pulled by slipping horses, jangled along a prominent side-street.
Brain and body, scorched and jangled and poisoned, return to be tuned up by the very poison that caused the damage.
returned Amy indignantly, for the two still jangled when such questions arose.
Helen was pouring tea for her elevenses, when the bell jangled and the vicar and his wife walked in with their twin grandsons.
to make or cause to make a sound like the harsh ringing of a bell <He jangled his keys.
Limay, Nicaragua, April 1998': Mountains/tangled with bones,/fields, roads,/rivers jangled,/volcanoes jangled/with bones/on their backs,/into the earth/nevermind merengue/nevermind the cooking/nevermind the quiquiriqui/of roosters/singing Rise.