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v. jan·gled, jan·gling, jan·gles
To make a harsh metallic sound: The spurs jangled noisily.
1. To cause to make a harsh discordant sound.
2. To have an irritating effect on: The racket from the street jangled my nerves.
A harsh metallic sound.

[Middle English janglen, to chatter, from Old French jangler, probably of Germanic origin.]

jan′gler n.
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Scintillating Jezebel had to part ways with longtime sweetheart Ruffled Jangler. The official reason given is not the true cause of the breakup, however.
DEMOCRACY in India ends where the last mall of Gurgaon does, the morally pliable smalltown cop smugly declares in the recent nerve- jangler NH10 .
Mono, Glasgow 16.07.13 AFTER relocating to Toronto, Norman Blake found himself neighbours with like-minded jangler Joe Pernice of Pernice Brothers fame.
Highlights for me were Bring on the Dancing Horses, which first stirs some of the seated crowd to their feet, early jangler Stars are Stars and a rumbling Never Stop.
There's a similar nerve jangler at the other end of the table, battling Thornaby having given themselves a live chance of avoiding the drop.
Pietersen's team overcame the effects of a stomach bug sweeping through their camp to win a nerve jangler against Trinidad & Tobago by one run.
Not only does Mirk use Mary's silence to explain her absence, but he uses it also to admonish garrulous women, writing that a maiden who is a complainer, clatterer, jangler, curser, swearer, or scold is of little worth.
L'important virage des sciences naturelles a legard de l'ouverture et dujeu dans le monde des vivants et des non-vivants aura certes des incidences enormes sur le travail des sociologues qui ne cessant de jangler avec les questions touchant la vie et la matiere (par exemple les discussions sur le << corps >>).
ENGLAND shrugged off the effects of a bug sweeping through their camp to win a nerve jangler against Trinidad & Tobago by one run in the Stanford Super Series.
Spiteri sings like a tiger/kitten (delete according to tempo) and be it the irresistibly sunny Carnival Girl (which borrows its melody from Dizzy) featuring Canadian rapper Kardinal Offishall, Twin Peaksy dreamy jangler Another Day, the Northern soul meets Siouxie and the Banshees title track or the tumbling rush of soaring rock that is likely live stormer And I Dream, this is about as much pop perfection as you can handle in one sitting.