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Fans of introspective, jangly pop will be excited (in an eyes-closed, head-tilted sort of way) as will those who prefer the guitars to rock a little in a Pavement style - for Bill Ryder-Jones has both in his canon.
His set was largely made up of Call the Comet tracks, with his trademark jangly guitar melodies infiltrating Hi Hello, Day In Day Out and Walk Into the Sea, while the likes of New Dominions, The Tracers and Bug continued the innovative streak which has led him to work alongside such disparate bands as Modest Mouse, The Cribs and The The.
Their guitar sound is still amazing, jangly, loud, poppy but with an unmistakable punch.
Slices of jangly electronica and minimalist bass are spattered by bursts of off-kilter piano chords, swamps of keyboard slamming and percussion instruments you'd usually find in a reception classroom.
Together with bassist Suse Bear, she creates delicious harmonies that float across their jangly pop.
Home to jangly romantics Orange Juice, the Go-Betweens and Aztec Camera, Postcard began the long career of Edwyn Collins and kicked off a whole tradition of arch, lovelorn pop, leaving a legacy far greater than the label's brief lifespan would suggest.
The jingly jangly arpeggios of Gerry Leonard's guitar complement Vega's pitch-perfect voice in the brilliant Jacob and the Angel (the words to which she hasn't yet mastered, hence the crib sheet) and Small Blue Thing.
They closed with a brace of non-album hits like the attitude-laden Really Stupid and Way Behind Me's sublime mix of jangly indie pop and Spector girl group melodies.
It's been 30 years since Del Amitri's debut single, Sense Sickness, their contribution to all things early 80s and jangly.
Even when they ease up for a few minutes, the jangly Stand Up And Run works well.
Vocalist-guitarist Sarah Benoit, particularly, stands out, with her warm, resonant voice seeping into both original songs and covers of such greats as "Stand By Me" and "Jolene." The band moves from wistful to upbeat and jangly in a heartbeat, creating a deep, textured sound that's, frankly, a lot of fun to listen to.