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v. japed, jap·ing, japes
To joke or quip.
To make sport of.
A joke or quip.

[Middle English japen, probably from Old French japer, to yap, chatter, nag, of imitative origin.]

jap′er n.
jap′er·y n.
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In addition, the six consumers to have won the JBL Bluetooth speaker are Japer Ali Said al Nassri, Sajan Podimattam, Rajesh P S, Mohammed Javed Iqbal, Hajer and Faraz.
The Blue Eagles found themselves in a precarious position after the Tamaraws took a 75-72 lead off Japer Parker's free throws with 14.
Cwmbran fly fisherman Roger Jones also returned 20 fish while Japer van Dalen used various coloured buzzers to catch and release 19 rainbows.
The incident in San Pascual came a week after 41 female students of Japer Memorial School in Barangay Catalina in Sagbayan town were also reported to have been possessed by evil spirits.
MIKE Warren-Madden of Crackpot Cottage, Brockley (it's on the border between Brockholes and Honley) is a man of many attributes: inventor, innovator, joker, japer and champion tripe eater.
Proud Brummies: Carl Chinn, Japer Carrott, Adrian Chiles, Ozzy Osbourne.
The most obvious meaning of the dance is that it is a symbolic representation and mocking parody of the literal cuckolds in the play, who are right there in front of the dancers: Sir Japer Fidget and Pinchwife; and, though he is not yet married, Sparkish has an honorary position in this group, having forced Harcourt into his fiancee's arms.