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v. japed, jap·ing, japes
To joke or quip.
To make sport of.
A joke or quip.

[Middle English japen, probably from Old French japer, to yap, chatter, nag, of imitative origin.]

jap′er n.
jap′er·y n.
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Noun1.japery - acting like a clown or buffoonjapery - acting like a clown or buffoon  
foolery, tomfoolery, lunacy, craziness, folly, indulgence - foolish or senseless behavior
schtick, schtik, shtick, shtik - (Yiddish) a prank or piece of clowning; "his shtik made us laugh"
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Even among those who assume it is a marketing prank, opinion is divided as to whether the supposed prank is a hilarious bit of japery and banter that boosts the club's profile while also lining its coffers, or a tedious, undignified and drawn-out embarrassment that drags the club's reputation in the name of a quick buck.
You get the feeling the japery of it wasn't lost on the old Etonian when he used his first campaign speech to promise to make Scottish voters cover the cost of a tax break for folk down south earning PS80,000 a year, should he become PM.
According to Brito (2010), the water losses make up 83% of water production in Japery city.
Therefore it is neither poison pen nor japery to pound the point.
The fact that I was born on the one day of the year when japery takes over British society - for 12 hours at least - is a cause of some pride.
It started with "foolish japery" at a party where another reveller was firing a ball-bearing gun, Teesside Crown Court heard.
Self-deprecating Susie McCabe, meanwhile, kept the giggles coming with some great japery about her same-sex marriage.
Leaving Zayn and Liam drinking pop in the Green Room, the remaining members join Harry's BFF James Corden (who when I Googled him was considered 'too fat to host a sports quiz and setting a terrible example' by someone who left their sense of humour on the bus) for panel show japery. This involves Niall showing his milky white teenager's bottom to the world, and Hazza giving James a snog (he looks like he's really feeling it too, look at that hand-cupping-face action).
But even though at least 400 people were hurt by flying space debris, the reaction on Twitter quickly turned to irreverent japery.
SAW MACAO (Joao Pedro Rodrigues and Joao Rui Guerra da Mate) The time-defying precincts of the former Portuguese colony prove to be both an architectural and a semiotic jungle for the film's unseen narrator in this tranny-noir essay-film, which combines the seedy exoticism and conspiratorial japery of Orson Welles with the displaced poetics of Chris Marker.