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 (jär′dn-îr′, zhär′dn-yâr′)
1. A large decorative stand or pot for plants or flowers.
2. Diced, cooked vegetables served as a garnish with meat.

[French, from feminine of jardinier, gardener, from Old French, from jardin, garden; see garden.]


1. an ornamental pot or trough for plants
2. (Cookery) a garnish of fresh vegetables, cooked, diced, and served around a dish of meat
[C19: from French, feminine of jardinier gardener, from jardin garden]


(ˌdʒɑr dnˈɪər, ˌʒɑr dnˈyɛər)

1. an ornamental receptacle or stand for holding plants or flowers.
2. diced and boiled vegetables, used esp. as a garnish.
[1835–45; < French, feminine of jardinier gardener]


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References in classic literature ?
A gilt bamboo jardiniere, in which the primulas and cinerarias were punctually renewed, blocked the access to the bay window (where the old- fashioned would have preferred a bronze reduction of the Venus of Milo); the sofas and arm-chairs of pale brocade were cleverly grouped about little plush tables densely covered with silver toys, porcelain animals and efflorescent photograph frames; and tall rosy-shaded lamps shot up like tropical flowers among the palms.
But the curious thing was that he had never learnt to speak French passably, and he kept in his shabby clothes bought at La Belle Jardiniere an ineradicably English appearance.
The young brother and sister swiped the 20in tall glass vase from a jardiniere table at their home and took turns to balance it on their heads, William Tell-style, and throw a ball at it.
I like to set out a board with assorted cheeses-including our own--along with salumi, salmon rillettes, homemade mustard, jardiniere pickles, and 'bread and butta' pickles.
They were cooked in a soy glaze which gave a saltiness fused with the aromatic five spices, tempered with the neutralising jardiniere of cucumber.
The Bretby story starts in Linthorpe, a village near Middlesbrough in North Yorkshire, and a pottery opened there by Christopher A Bretby pottery jardiniere and stand moulded with flowers, basketwork and neoclassical designs.
Host Fiona Bruce explains that the jardiniere, which she says is "essentially a posh flower pot", had been in Terry's family since 1946.
In 1792 he sailed the Jardiniere III from the Cape of Good Hope across the Indian Ocean to the coast of New Holland but two consecutive cyclones prevented the expedition from doing any work there and forced him to go to Bombay for repairs.
The figure of the Queen with a lively baby on her lap and her daughter leaning affectionately against her brings to mind Raphael's, 1483-1520, portraits of the Virgin Mary with child Jesus and St John the Baptist, such as for example the Madonna of the Meadow, oil on panel, 1505, 113 x 88 cm, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna or La Belle Jardiniere, oil on panel, 1507, 122 x 80 cm, Musee du Louvre, Paris.
Here are some fine ceramic examples we sold recently: a 19th century Sevres ormolu mounted jardiniere (PS520), a pair of German porcelain wall mirrors by Sitzendorf (PS500), a Coalport hand-painted plate by Frederick Herbert Chivers (PS450), and a pair of Minton hand-painted plates (PS390).
For luncheon on board, guests could choose from consomme jardiniere, hodge podge, beef steak and kidney pie, and roast surrey capon.