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n. Slang
A US Marine.

[Perhaps from the shape of the hat the Marines once wore.]


(Military) military slang US a member of the United States Marine Corps
[C20: so called because of their distinctive haircut]
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Snipers have traditionally played a substantial and significant role in combat owing to their highly developed skills; however, Jarhead tells us a different story, with the highly-skilled craft-workers becoming obsolete in their chosen career because of technological development.
For all of its technical brio - and Jarhead is extremely accomplished, mimicking the same handheld camerawork as Saving Private Ryan - the film lacks an emotional core.
Jarhead describes the physical and mental stresses associated with the profession--the good times as well as the bad.
Jarhead, narra la historia de un recluta desde el entrenamiento militar hasta el servicio activo.
Lawrence Weschler ["Valkyries Over Iraq," Report, November] may be correct that Jarhead is a "war film that might in fact never be susceptible to military pornographic co-optation," but there are pro-military purposes to which cinema may be put that are non-pornographic.
Jarhead, an adaptation of Anthony Swofford's best-selling Desert Storm memoir, is that unusual war film playing in theaters while American soldiers are dying in battle.
As an example, Anthony Swofford's memoir Jarhead brutally recounts his time spent as a Marine sniper in the Gulf War.
There's also the highly anticipated Jarhead, an adaptation of Anthony Swofford's best-selling Gulf War memoir that Sarsgaard is currently filming in the desert in California and Mexico with American Beauty director Sam Mendes and costars Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Foxx--hence his hip buzz cut.
Jarhead (Scribner) by Anthony Swofford and Baghdad Express (Borealis) by Joel Turnipseed relate up-front and personal recollections of war.
In the end, Jarhead emerges as a scary, detailed, well-written indictment of life in the military.
Davis paraded boys in Soviet Navy jumpers and tighty whities, read from her bawdy version of the Marine Corps handbook, and allowed a jarhead in full-dress uniform to be thoroughly manhandled.
4 JARHEAD (2005) GUNG-HO Marines kill time pre-Desert Storm waiting for their chance to fight.