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jar 1

1. A cylindrical glass or earthenware vessel with a wide mouth and usually no handles.
2. The amount that a jar can hold.
3. Chiefly British A glass of beer.
tr.v. jarred, jar·ring, jars
To put into a jar.

[Middle English jarre, a liquid measure, from Old French (from Provençal jarra) and from Medieval Latin jarra, both from Arabic jarra, earthen jar, from jarra, to draw, pull; see grr in Semitic roots.]

jar′ful′ n.

jar 2

v. jarred, jar·ring, jars
a. To cause shaking or vibrations: The ride over the old road was jarring.
b. To shake or vibrate from an impact or impacts: "The gallery jarred with a quick, heavy tramp" (Robert Louis Stevenson).
2. To be disturbing or irritating; grate: The incessant talking jarred on my nerves.
3. To be out of harmony; clash or conflict: The curtains jar with the rest of the room.
1. To cause to shake or vibrate from impact: The ride on the donkey jarred my bones.
2. To startle or unsettle; shock: The alarm jarred him out of sleep.
A jolt; a shock.

[Perhaps of imitative origin.]

jar′ring·ly adv.
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Adv.1.jarringly - in a manner that jars and irritates; "the piano was jarringly out of tune"
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Maradona may have talked about the hand of God, but Winstone possessed a left hand honed in boxing's heaven, a weapon so swift, so elegant and so jarringly accurate that it broke opponents' hearts as unerringly as it captivated those who watched.
Still, the sound of spoken French that occasionally emanates from one of the video cells acts to remind us, somewhat jarringly, of a site or location - namely, France, national French culture - that is largely absent from the exhibit.
Anderson's "Magnolia" in the use of a song montage ends up looking jarringly out of place amid all this Scandinavian naturalism.
In any given painting she'll combine jarringly disparate hues alongside shades or tints so close in value they're hard to make out.
While intertitles expressing Rei's thoughts are overused and jarringly sappy at times, the main force of this soulful chamber piece crones from its understatement, using eclectic music tracks and visual poetry to give shape to the characters' complex emotions.
These subtle ethnographic elements--the traces of cultural identities--were jarringly interrupted by large, rectangular picture frames with glaring white centers.
In Roger Ebert's cursory and unremarkable 15 minute intro (jarringly lensed on the set of his "Ebert & Rueper and the Movies" syndie show), he declares the film to be "visually enhanced." The prints and transfers are actually unchanged from the previous issue.
Peaky (Stier) Alexander Yatsenko Geka Artur Povolotsky Dumbo (Mute) Ivan Kokorin Asya Ingeborga Dapkunaite Platon Andrei Panin Botya Nikolai Fomenko An almost breathtakingly lyrical film about the rites of passage of three 18-year-olds who live in a seemingly idyllic town by the Black Sea, "The Suit" is a bittersweet tragicomedy with ample assets and, at the same time, some jarringly overheated elements.
As produced by vet Artur Brauner ("Europa Europa," Oscar-winning "The Garden of the Finzi-Contini"), pic squanders sporadically impressive visual verisimilitude with jarringly poor post-production sound and dubbing.
Energetic mix of macabre jokes and running gags climaxes an hour in with an organ transplant sequence involving identical adult quadruplets; pic then jarringly reunites all the leads to rescue Yan, trapped in a spectacular auto pile-up in the rain, in a scene that's almost from a different movie.
The approach plays jarringly against the light bounce of Richard Wilbur's rhyming couplets.
The reveal is so jarringly on the nose, that it makes the movie you were just watching almost completely unravel.