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jar 1

1. A cylindrical glass or earthenware vessel with a wide mouth and usually no handles.
2. The amount that a jar can hold.
3. Chiefly British A glass of beer.
tr.v. jarred, jar·ring, jars
To put into a jar.

[Middle English jarre, a liquid measure, from Old French (from Provençal jarra) and from Medieval Latin jarra, both from Arabic jarra, earthen jar, from jarra, to draw, pull; see grr in Semitic roots.]

jar′ful′ n.

jar 2

v. jarred, jar·ring, jars
a. To cause shaking or vibrations: The ride over the old road was jarring.
b. To shake or vibrate from an impact or impacts: "The gallery jarred with a quick, heavy tramp" (Robert Louis Stevenson).
2. To be disturbing or irritating; grate: The incessant talking jarred on my nerves.
3. To be out of harmony; clash or conflict: The curtains jar with the rest of the room.
1. To cause to shake or vibrate from impact: The ride on the donkey jarred my bones.
2. To startle or unsettle; shock: The alarm jarred him out of sleep.
A jolt; a shock.

[Perhaps of imitative origin.]

jar′ring·ly adv.
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Adv.1.jarringly - in a manner that jars and irritates; "the piano was jarringly out of tune"
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As well as overhauling the graphics, the striking system has also been reworked to do away with that awkward parry and counter Fight Night-style approach which has always sat a little jarringly with MMA action.
The performances of the cast have been so uniformly excellent as to guarantee this four-parter wins trophies galore come the next round of awards ceremonies - although such talk of showbiz baubles always seems jarringly inappropriate when you consider the heartbreak Little Boy Blue is founded on.
Not only will ISRO have to cut the cost of manufacturing such hybrid cars, it would have to refine the solar technology further, starting with getting rid of that jarringly large rooftop.
The crude statues show Trump with a jarringly large gut, dark stretch marks and his genitals fully exposed.
There's nothing in the film that's jarringly awful - although Kidman comes within striking distance.
And in its attempt to make Trumbo a misunderstood hero, any mention of his support for Josef Stalin and other murderous dictators is deliberately but jarringly avoided.
After being likeable for five years, Lady Mary jarringly turned into the bitch from hell and ruined her sister's life.
There are times where there are sudden descents into crude English -- for example, the words "crony,""old codger," and "old coot" occur suddenly and, in the context of the formalized English, rather jarringly.
The story is set almost seamlessly in our world; however, because of its original format as a webcomic, some of the attempts to ground it in reality are jarringly a few years out of date.
Somewhat jarringly at first, there are flashbacks to the time, twenty-five years earlier, when the seeds of the current action were laid, and when the boy whose bones were at the core of their search was killed.
She makes repeated references to her absent alcoholic mother and, most jarringly, to addiction in general.
Juxtaposed with what seem to be exercises in dispassion, the images displayed on the third pair of devices felt jarringly optimistic, like a corrective of sorts, reassuring the viewer that what might be read as the artist's aestheticization of real-world horror was tempered by genuine empathy.