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n. pl. ja·tos
1. An aircraft takeoff aided by an auxiliary jet or rocket.
2. An auxiliary jet-producing unit providing additional thrust for a takeoff.

[j(et-)a(ssisted) t(ake)o(ff).]


n, pl -tos
(Aeronautics) aeronautics jet-assisted takeoff
[C20 j(et-)a(ssisted) t(ake)o(ff)]



(ˈdʒeɪ toʊ)

n., pl. ja•tos or JATOs.
a jet-assisted takeoff of an aircraft, esp. with auxiliary rocket motors that are jettisoned.
[1940–45; Amer.; j(et)a(ssisted)t(ake)o(ff)]
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According to Jato, the recent contraction in the UK car market - where sales were down almost 10 per cent in September - is now being felt across the Continent.
JATO has been monitoring the degradation of press freedom conditions in Egypt, including journalist detentions, arrests, and assaults among other violations such as censorship and security pursuit.
Pero con el escandalo de la operacion Lava Jato, que desde hace dos anos investiga la corrupcion en la petrolera estatal Petrobras y las principales constructoras del pais, cualquier gran obra es vista con suspicacia.
Diante desta situacao objetivou-se, com este trabalho, avaliar o efeito da pulverizacao empregando pontas de jato plano inclinado e jato plano com inducao de ar combinados a diferentes adjuvantes de uso agricola no risco potencial de deriva em pulverizacoes realizadas em tunel de vento.
Ford last year sold 953,174 cars in the 30 European markets monitored by Jato, including 306,405 Fiestas and the brand recently announced that during 2012 more than 1.
Baldwin-Barth, Spalart-Allmaras e o k-[omega] SST implementado no codigo NASTD para um jato livre axissimetrico supersonico.
As pontas de jato plano duplo apresentam dois orificios elipticos em ceramica que produzem jatos planos defasados de 60[degrees].
Jato says the findings suggest a general shift towards smaller cars driven by consumers wanting to purchase cars at a lower initial price while also taking advantage of lower CO2, taxation and lower overall running costs such as fuel and maintenance.
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IN what could be an industrychanging trend, midiMPVs are taking sales from the traditional mainstay of the vital lowermedium class, the fivedoor hatchback, say market intelligence experts Jato Dynamics.