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adj. Informal
Astonishing; astounding: "His campaign raked in a jaw-dropping $2.3 million" (John Brodie).

jaw′-drop′per n.
jaw′-drop′ping·ly adv.
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informal amazing
ˈjaw-ˌdroppingly adv
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But with Arison's revelation of multiple jaw-dropping shockers coming their way, one can't help but think that Rostova's action of kidnapping Red might not be as simple as it appears on the surface.
Summary: New Delhi (India), Apr 1 (ANI): The fresh face of Bollywood, Sara Ali Khan, left her fans amused by her jaw-dropping performance in her first.
It described the scale of the lost pensions problem as "jaw-dropping".
TODAY'S trawl of the internet has revealed 10 "jaw-dropping" images of what past stars look like today.
TODAY'S trawl of the internet has revealed ten "jaw-dropping" images of what past stars look like today.
The multiple Guinness world record-holding team, which is making their debut performance in Bahrain, will continue their action-packed show with jaw-dropping sports and acrobatic tricks exclusively for the mall's visitors until Saturday.
Beautiful: In another social media post, the buxom beauty, 30, showed off her jaw-dropping physique in casual wear
The luxury home with jaw-dropping Manhattan views has been on the market for nearly two years at $4.2 million.
THE claim that for the sake of PS44,000, bosses at the Ineosowned Grangemouth plant opted to de-recognise trade union representation is jaw-dropping.
Where PC2's cars are "great", Forza's cars are utterly jaw-dropping from every angle and for someone who is partial to a supercar or two on his desktop, I struggled to stay in the race at times because I was so transfixed by my beautiful shiny metal on the screen that reflected everything from sky to asphalt.
One way that an emotional resonance is created with the audience is through delivering jaw-dropping "wow" moments that foster a deeper connection.