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adj. Informal
Astonishing; astounding: "His campaign raked in a jaw-dropping $2.3 million" (John Brodie).

jaw′-drop′per n.
jaw′-drop′ping·ly adv.


informal amazing
ˈjaw-ˌdroppingly adv
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The joke, about a show-biz family whose act involves a laundry list of shocking behavior that grows more jaw-dropping depending on the comedian relating the anecdote (the film's title is the joke's admittedly wan punch line), was reputed to be Carson's favorite gag.
Beyond that, we are looking way too deeply into all of this--Buffy is an extravagant show, and Tara's death was a jaw-dropping, heartbreaking event that defines what wonderful series writing is about.
Summary: Jessica Ennis has made a jaw-dropping start to her Olympic campaign.
For instance, a visitor with time for 40 minutes of jaw-dropping talks may receive a combination of 18-, 6- and 3-minute talks recently rated "jaw-dropping.
The most jaw-dropping manoeuvre came when the Prince lifted her on to his head and, while in arabesque, she proceeded to do a very slow yet very real 360 degree turn on point.
5 million viewers tuned in to see Josie stagger down the aisle in a jaw-dropping dress that would put Jordan to shame.
The thrilling sport, which features jaw-dropping jumps and stunts, arrives at Rhosneigr beach in May.
The jaw-dropping Channel 4 documentary My Monkey Baby followed some of these mad people, who cruelly wrench these animals away from their mothers and treat them like human babies.
Finally, the host gets all hot under the collar as he boards the jaw-dropping Transrapid system in Germany.
As far as Gordon Brown is concerned this is jaw-dropping news.
The Valley's average home price was $240,000 in 1991, dropped to $160,000 in 1997 (because of the Northridge Earthquake) and is now at the jaw-dropping high of $625,000 as of December 2006.
In the sequel Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds, breakout actress Rebekah Kochan spreads her legs for American Idol vet Jim Verraros in the film's jaw-dropping climax.