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adj. Informal
Astonishing; astounding: "His campaign raked in a jaw-dropping $2.3 million" (John Brodie).

jaw′-drop′per n.
jaw′-drop′ping·ly adv.


informal amazing
ˈjaw-ˌdroppingly adv
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I love looking at those totally jaw-droppingly beautiful women.
Among the macho posturing, childish squabbles and limp slapstick, there's a jaw-droppingly misjudged rendition of Band Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas?
Plot and gameplay aside, The Lost Legacy is jaw-droppingly beautiful.
The Lost Legacy is jaw-droppingly beautiful Nadine and Chloe: united in a common cause The game features compellingly written female characters
Even the deershooting Mob wife she played in 2015's A Most Violent Year wasn't as jaw-droppingly determined to crush her opposition as Miss Sloane.
Acts in the first show include singer Andrea Bocelli, music from stage hit Motown The Musical, plus a jaw-droppingly dangerous set from the Globe Of Death.
Meanwhile, after the jaw-droppingly tense episode last week that had fans screaming at the telly, Honoria is a shell of a woman.
Hannah Griffiths, publishing director, commented: "Emma's direct, intelligent and funny unpacking of the assumptions around becoming a mother as well as her candid account of her own journey to conception made this proposal jaw-droppingly appealing.
In her captivating chronicle of a society that might be texting itself to death, Sherry Turkle, founder/ director of MIT's Initiative on Technology and the Self, reveals through jaw-droppingly candid interviews the frequency with which--and the universality and unnerving eagerness with which--basic human interactions such as news sharing, sex seeking, friend making, and fight settling now occur online.
But when Cree, a jaw-droppingly gorgeous boy, mysteriously appears in her classroom, Laena knows nothing will ever be the same.
MONDAY TUNEYARDS One of the most jaw-droppingly inventive and exciting bands around, tUnE-yArDs will have them on their feet at Glasgow's Art School tonight.
According to Polanco, "We like to keep it fresh, so each haunt is different, but we can guarantee that each and every one of our attractions will be the most jaw-droppingly horrifying haunted house you'll visit.