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intr.v. jay·walked, jay·walk·ing, jay·walks
To walk across a street in violation of traffic law, especially by crossing outside of a marked pedestrian crosswalk at an intersection.

[From jay, inexperienced person.]

jay′walk′er n.
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المَشْي المُخالِف لِحَرَكَة المُرور
nekázeň chodců
szabálytalan átkelés
kæruleysi gangandi vegfarenda
nedisciplinovanosť chodcov
dikkatsiz yürüme


[ˈdʒeɪˌwɔːkɪŋ] Nimprudencia f al cruzar la calle
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(ˈdʒeiwoːkə) noun
a person who walks carelessly among traffic. She never looks to see if there's a car coming before she crosses the road – she's a jaywalker.
ˈjaywalking noun
The police were concerned about the number of accidents involving jaywalking.
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Even though authorities continue cautioning the public against crossing the roads at designated places, jaywalking seems to be on the increase.
Road safety experts have warned pedestrians not to endanger their lives and those of others by jaywalking.
Summary: Abu Dhabi Police to impose a Dh400 fine for jaywalking and crossing at undesignated areas
Garcia said they halted for the meantime MMDA's jaywalking apprehensions pending probe.
Garcia said personnel of the unit were temporarily barred from arresting violators of the jaywalking law.
Stricter penalties will be given to those caught jaywalking in Metro Manila.
Abude also said that they will be giving consideration for jaywalking in the downtown areas where events will take place especially on the Indak-indak and Pamulak events.
Few days back, videos of Shehbaz jaywalking on the roads of London and traveling in public transport went viral on social media where he was severely criticized for having royal lifestyle in his home country.
A mere two days after issuing a video apology, a British YouTuber and self-described "pick-up artist," who has uploaded a number of exploitive videos of Taiwanese women he met on the streets of Taipei, has retracted his apology and resumed shooting videos, including footage of him tossing litter and jaywalking.
Buncombe County, North Carolina, District Attorney Todd Williams said Thursday charges have been filed in connection with an incident in Asheville involving a white police officer, who was seen on a body camera footage punching and subduing a black man accused of jaywalking, that left many residents outraged and asking for answers.
Some cities have anti- jaywalking ordinances, but not Eugene, he said.
Last May, Rail alleged a Los Angeles police officer threw him against a wall and handcuffed him for jaywalking. The Times reported that in July, editorial page editor Nicholas Goldberg added a note to the post, stating evidence "raise(d) serious questions about the accuracy of the cartoonist's post," and that Rail's work would no longer appear in the publication, Rail is seeking unspecified damages.