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Noun1.jazz group - a small band of jazz musiciansjazz group - a small band of jazz musicians  
dance band, dance orchestra, band - a group of musicians playing popular music for dancing
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The evening featured African jazz improvisations, as well as a synthesis with Azerbaijani musicians -Bacustik Jazz group including Salman Gambarov (piano), Emin Hasanov (bass guitar) and Vagif Aliyev (drummer), and mugham singers Sakhavat Mammadov (tar), Ogtay Sharifov (kamancha) and Almakhanim Ahmadli (khanende).
On opening night, Kat Agarrado performed with an acoustic jazz group.
American RandB and jazz group Tower Of Power performed for the first time in the country on September 7 at the Araneta Coliseum to mark their 50th anniversary in the industry.
Nadine Shah, King Krule and jazz group Sons of Kemet have also been shortlisted alongside grime's MC Novelist and singer Jorja Smith.
music Duved Dunayevsky Quartet Israeli guitarist Duved's swing jazz group focuses on the original sound of Django Reinhardt with an international line up.
It is apparent in the styling of the music that they are beyond the average jazz group; Algorhythm Trio is a modern jazz group that consistently delivers ear-catching appeal.
The Jazz group comprises a Grammy award nominated saxophonist, Tim Armacost, renowned Bass player Joseph Lepore, and drummer Michael Petrosino.
A wonderful New Orleans jazz group in church led to members dancing in the aisle!
Maneesh Bakshi Doha THE three-member German Jazz group FAVO kick-started the 4th Katara European Jazz Festival by presenting an interesting pattern of melody and harmony.
"The embassies of France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, along with the embassies of Portugal, Poland and Bulgaria, which are participating for the first time, will bring to Doha one renowned jazz group representing each for the six-day event," Katara said in a statement.
After the Scholars, I joined a jazz group called the Bobby Doyle 'three.
Caption: Tenants at several Brooklyn buildings owned by Shamah Properties got recently treated to a jazz performance by The Albert Marques Jazz Group performed at One St.