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 (jăz′măn′, -mən)
A jazz musician or composer.


n, pl jazzmen
(Jazz) a male musician who plays jazz


(ˈdʒæzˌmæn, -mən)

n., pl. -men (-ˌmɛn, -mən)
a musician who plays jazz.
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Noun1.jazzman - a musician who plays or composes jazz musicjazzman - a musician who plays or composes jazz music
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
syncopator - a musician who plays syncopated jazz music (usually in a dance band); "they called themselves the Dixie Syncopators"
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The concert will feature well-known jazzman, composer, honored art worker Jamil Amirov, laureate of international competitions, singer Shakhriyar Imanov, vocalists and musicians Narmin Karimbayova, Elvin Bashirov, Leys zzy and Collective, Trend Life reported.
Accompagnes des membres de la troupe gnawa de Hamid El Kasri et du bassiste mauricien, Linley Marthe, le maallem et le jazzman se sont livres a une sorte de concours musical implicite entre jazzmen et gnawa dans une harmonie parfaite ou l'un ou l'autre des deux styles etaient mis en avant selon le morceau.
The sweetest clarinet you're ever likely to hear comes from New York jazzman Ken Peplowski, a veteran of the Benny Goodman orchestra and, happily for us, a frequent visitor to Eugene.
The festival, now in its ninth year, will also feature sets from Grammy-winners Macy Gray and Train, saxophonist Jessy J, US chart-toppers Lifehouse and young jazzman Joshua Radin.
JAZZMAN Soweto Kinch will be tuning up in Birmingham city centre tomorrow as he prepares for a special event beneath Hockley flyover next month.
The new 30-pound edition of the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations has 20,000 new entries including words of wisdom and wit by President Obama, scientist Stephen Hawking and late jazzman Humphrey Lyttelton.
Jazzman Digby Fairweather enjoys a charity pint named in his honour.
Fellow jazzman Jamie Cullum was moved to say of Teal: "Clare has a timeless sound to her voice and classic touch and sound to her own songwriting.
Extracted from a 2007 Cologne performance, the CD Improvise One (released also in DVD format) combines the extraordinary skills and abilities of Paquito D'Rivera--the most prominent jazzman of the Cuban diaspora--with a couple of vital elements from the aforesaid German city: the powerful swing of the WDR Cologne Big Band (under the outstanding guidance of conductor/arranger Michael Abene) and the marvelous strings and woodwinds of the radiosymphonic WDR Rundfunkorchester Koln (Cologne's WDR Broadcasting Orchestra).
She said her bodyguard, Jazzman Bennet, who was following the actress in a SUV, also cut her off forcing her to hit his tyre.
SEB SANDERS, locked in a head-to-head battle with Jamie Spencer for the jockeys' title, nudged closer to a century of winners after steering home a double aboard Zippi Jazzman and Palm Court.
The flamboyant jazzman continued to perform even after collapsing on stage during a concert with his band Digby Fairweather's Half Dozen in January.