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 (jăz′măn′, -mən)
A jazz musician or composer.


n, pl jazzmen
(Jazz) a male musician who plays jazz


(ˈdʒæzˌmæn, -mən)

n., pl. -men (-ˌmɛn, -mən)
a musician who plays jazz.
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Noun1.jazzman - a musician who plays or composes jazz musicjazzman - a musician who plays or composes jazz music
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
syncopator - a musician who plays syncopated jazz music (usually in a dance band); "they called themselves the Dixie Syncopators"
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music Afternoon With The Savoy Jazzmen It's time for the monthly concert again by the Savoy Jazzmen.
Accompagnes des membres de la troupe gnawa de Hamid El Kasri et du bassiste mauricien, Linley Marthe, le maallem et le jazzman se sont livres a une sorte de concours musical implicite entre jazzmen et gnawa dans une harmonie parfaite ou l'un ou l'autre des deux styles etaient mis en avant selon le morceau.
There will be live jazz performances in the afternoons by local groups, including the Vieux Carre Jazzmen, Non Electric Band, Maine Street Jazzmen and New Orleans.
15pm The Kings Head - Bobby Woods Duo SATURDAY 19 JULY 11am Bert & Gerts, Sutton Coldfield - The Jazz Ramblers; Victoria Square - JazzBand Velke Losiny (Czech Republic); 12pm Cadbury World - The Chase Jazzmen 12.
More entertainment is being provided by the Hotfoot Jazzmen, with demonstrations by the Clwyd Axemen.
Keith Ball, pictured, will stand in for his father who had been booked to appear with his Jazzmen tomorrow.
Ball had been booked to appear on this year's bill with his Jazzmen, but he died last month.
Earlier in his career he performed alongside his musical hero Louis Armstrong during a UK tour, before forming his own band, The Jazzmen, with whom he routinely performed more than 150 gigs a year.
London-born Ball, who lived in Essex, is survived by his partner Betty and three children, one of whom had joined his father playing with his group The Jazzmen.
And so it was, said or reporter, until the last hour or so when the Panama Jazzmen started to blow.
They are Acker Bilk and His Paramount Jazz Band, the Big Chris Barber Band, plus Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen.
BIRMINGHAM Jazz Festival goers first encountered Czech singer Petra Ernyei with the JJ Jazzmen in 2003, but here she emerged as a distinctive performer in her own right.