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There has not been any representation of North India since the 2010- 11 season after which JCT withdrew.
Located for 25 years on the back page of the JCT, "Humbug" was often the first page turned to by the majority of readers, many of whom contributed jokes and anecdotes for the column.
Prior to Mary's role with the JCT, she was with Deloitte Tax LLP's National Federal Tax Solutions tax practice.
The rule that the JCT staff must score any legislative tax proposal imbues the committee with an awesome power.
JCT coach Parminder Singh is fully aware of talent in the ranks of Chirag United.
Developers failed to win approval to build 44 flats on the site of the former JCT garage, in Somerset Road, Almondbury, and 140 at the site of Hepworth Honda, in Queen Street South.
Of those 76 identifiable individuals, the JCT report found that the Service does not attempt to monitor and enforce the 10-year return-filing requirements.
In recognition for his efforts in the development of JCTR and JCT CoatingsTech, he was given the President's Award.
The JCT has been very active in seeking ways of improving the relevance and quality of courses it offers its vocational students.
Mr Jones who chairs the JCT Drafting Committee, which produces major standards contract forms for the UK, was formerly senior partner of Neil F Jones, a specialist construction practice he established in the 1980s.
JCT inaugurated its annual honors program to recognize a New York region professional who, through his or her work and/or charitable activity, plays an important role in promoting the Israeli culture and tradition.
JCT staff don't incorporate into their findings the well-established "macroeconomic" impact that fundamental tax reform or other major tax changes would have.