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Used to express surprise or annoyance.

[Alteration of Jesus.]



(used as a mild expression of surprise, disappointment, astonishment, etc.)
[1920–25, Amer.; euphemism for Jesus]


[dʒiːz] EXCL¡Santo Dios!
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Gillane explained: "Noel Connors was out in front of me, I was like, 'Jeez, he has this now and he's going to break it down in front of him'.
"I remember looking back after that City game thinking 'Jeez, we've just taken seven points from three games where we would have probably been happy with three'," he added.
He may look at me and think I might be able to kick some goals but I look to him and think, 'Jeez, that boy can go.
Sometimes it sounds like, 'It's something about a sewing machine,' or 'Jeez, it's something about going to get my medicine.' So, I get mystified by the spontaneous incantations.
Jeez, I read so much bull***t about me, it's incredible," he rubbished.
If that was me, jeez! When you're in a team that you love, all you want to do is to be loved back," The Sun quoted Hamilton, as saying.
The scorers told me he only had 99 when I walked in for lunch and I thought 'jeez, that's a bit hard on the lad'.
`Yeah, it's true,' I said, and he and his brother went, `Oh, jeez, MA!'"
The hammer-lock: "I had no memory of [the altar-piece] whatsoever." Jeez, it's one of the favorite old masterpieces of the high school cartoonist - you know, the Jesus with the acid-trip glow, and all that.
"Jeez, an OAP throws a party and we all have to suffer"Actor Simon Pegg, pictured, who was stuck in a traffic jam, caused by preparations for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee "It's like 'You've got the bomb and I've got the bomb, so let's not go throwing them around too quickly"' Actor Alec Baldwin produces his definition of marriage as he prepares to marry his yoga teacher Hilaria Thomas "The only British drama import that I watch is Downton Abbey.
"I had just gone to Rangers and I had things to prove and I thought, 'Jeez, if this happens to me it'll be a disaster'.
"Jeez, there's so much bull***t about me, it's incredible," he said.