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Used to express surprise or annoyance.

[Alteration of Jesus.]



(used as a mild expression of surprise, disappointment, astonishment, etc.)
[1920–25, Amer.; euphemism for Jesus]


[dʒiːz] EXCL¡Santo Dios!
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JeeZ wish people would just ask me instead of jumping to conclusions #thatsall.
Ronaldo, jeez, what a great player he is, Djokovic, I mean he's killed everything.
Lucy McConnell Jeez just down a pint of lager or something, why the need to neck these ridiculous drinksMarc Wilson Cardiff City fans offer to pay for Liberty Stadium damage after South Wales derby Fellow supporters must know who these idiots were.
Jeez, and Hull City fans think they've got identity issues.
It's been fun to have a winning team and all, but jeez, dude, show some class, respect and perhaps appreciation for the people of Eugene.
The Aussie singer further fuelled speculation about ex-Westlife hunk Brian by jokingly telling a photographer: "We have been married for ages, jeez you guys.
Jeez, I'm as willing as the next person to help out, but that's a hell of a lot of pick'n' mix pink prawns and fizzy cola bottles to get through in one sitting.
But jeez, it's self-parodic, and all the more so for taking place in some uncharted corner of Dixie where nobody has the slightest sense of humor.
Offset 10: cuny fawn grow ions jeez kabs milk odic pion wane pions
John (Hans Hoffman, Heather Smith), who've been married for seven years, haven't had sex for, jeez, over a month.
contrast to that would be regional qualifying when you're standing on the first tee after very little sleep, your heart rate has gone from about 80 to 82 - and you're thinking, 'Oh Jeez, give me something.