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 (jĭ-hä′dē) or ji·had·ist (-ĭst)
n. pl. ji·ha·dis or ji·ha·dists
1. One engaged in jihad, especially one engaged in armed opposition to Western influence and to secular governments and institutions in Muslim countries or areas with Muslim populations when such opposition is perceived as fanatical or employing means that are immoderate or unlawful.
2. One considered to employ immoderate or unreasonable means in pursuit of an aim; a fanatic.

[Arabic jihādī, relating to jihad, fighting, from jihād, jihad; see jihad.]
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(dʒɪˈhædɪ) or


n, pl -dis or -deen (-diːn)
(Islam) Islam
a. a person who takes part in a jihad
b. (as modifier): jihadi groups.
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Adj.1.jihadi - of or relating to a jihad
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Sri Lanka on Friday lifted the Emergency Regulations which were imposed after the Jehadist terrorist bombings on April 21.
LAHORE -- Head of the proscribed Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, an irritant for the Western world because of his Jehadist activities, was arrested on Wednesday and within no time sent to jail on a seven-day judicial remand by an anti-terrorism court in Gujranwala.
In a series of tweets and links, a jehadist named as Abu Hussain AlBritani, which SITE said was British IS fighter Junaid Hussain, claimed that ' two of our brothers just opened fire' at the Prophet Muhammad exhibition in Texas.
But there exists an underlying fear that like in previous elections the warlords, former leaders of jehadist parties, immeasurably wealthy and powerful, will deal with the destiny of people.
Intelligence agencies suspect sleeper cells of Bangaldeshi jehadist groups are already active in West Bengal.
THE four Kalyan youths who had allegedly joined the Islamic State in Syria last year seem to be having second thoughts as regards becoming a jehadist.
On Twitter, Almaghribi has not revealed his identity and has masked his face with a black hijab containing a jehadist message.
THE Islamic State ( IS) jehadist group on Sunday claimed to have executed Peter Kassig, a US aid worker kidnapped in Syria, as a warning to the US.
The two sides are also expected to focus on the US war on the jehadist group Islamic State.
Quite understandably, the Zionist troika would not do it for fear of exposing the skeletons in their own cupboard because if the grouse of the so-called Jehadists was against imperial occupation forces, why is it that they never hurt American, Jew or Indian interests or their worldwide assets of men and material?