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 (jē′hyo͞o) Ninth century bc.
King of Israel who, according to the Bible, slew Jezebel, the sons of Ahab, and the prophets of Baal. He is proverbially known for his swift chariot driving.


1. (Bible) Old Testament the king of Israel (?842–?815 bc); the slayer of Jezebel (II Kings 9:11–30)
2. a fast driver, esp one who is reckless (from the phrase to drive like Jehu. II Kings 9:20)


(ˈdʒi hyu or, often, -hu)

n., pl. -hus.
1. a king of Israel noted for his furious chariot attacks. II Kings 9.
2. (l.c.)
a. the driver of a cab or coach.
b. a fast driver.
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Then Jehu went in and sat down to dinner; and presently he said, Go and bury this cursed woman, for she is a King's daughter.
Ahab, the late King, had left a helpless family behind him, and Jehu killed seventy of the orphan sons.
Our Jehu had carelessly driven over a heap of gravel and fairly capsized the coach, with the wheels in the air and our heels where our heads should have been.
She set out walking again; but this day she was fortunate, for she was soon overtaken by a carrier's cart which carried her to Hinckley, and by the help of a return chaise, with a drunken postilion--who frightened her by driving like Jehu the son of Nimshi, and shouting hilarious remarks at her, twisting himself backwards on his saddle--she was before night in the heart of woody Warwickshire: but still almost a hundred miles from Windsor, they told her.
The Queen was abroad to-day in order to hunt, but finding it disposed to rain she kept in her coach; she hunts in a chaise with one horse, which she drives herself, and drives furiously, like Jehu, and is a mighty hunter, like Nimrod.
It was in vain that Jehu appealed and stormed; that he flung down Miss Sharp's bandboxes in the gutter at the 'Necks, and swore he would take the law of his fare.
Property and construction firm Jehu Group has secured PS5.
Following Darran's death, his employer - construction firm Jehu Group - made plans to host a fundraising band night to raise money for suicide prevention charity Calm.
Cardiff-based construction company, Jehu Project Services Ltd, has been sentenced after a worker was seriously injured falling down a lift pit.
The friendship between cousins Rafe Buenrostro and Jehu Malacara continues through war and peace.
England's team of Reiss Beckford, Luke Folwell, Steve Jehu, Danny Lawrence and Max Whitlock were proud of their second-place finish, with Olympic pommel horse bronze medallist Louis Smith, who was being rested for this month's World Championships, among the absentees.
Sweeney further attempts to discover the sense of other documents embedded in 1 and 2 Kings, an earlier Jehu Dynastic History and an even earlier history that culminates in the reign of Solomon (1 Kings 3--10), written during the reign of Solomon himself.