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Variant of djellaba.
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(ˈdʒɛləbə) or


(Clothing & Fashion) variant spellings of djellaba
[from Arabic jallabah]
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Noun1.jellaba - a loose cloak with a hood; worn in the Middle East and northern Africa
cloak - a loose outer garment
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It obliged the indigenous African natives to cease raids on the entering Arabs (Jellaba) in return of guaranteeing them the Peace of God and blessings of Prophet Mohamed.
Defere au parquet en charge des affaires de corruption a Khartoum, l'ancien chef de l'Etat soudanais est arrive, ce dimanche et pour sa premiere apparition publique depuis son arrestation, au Tribunal de la capitale, drape dans une jellaba blanche avec son legendaire turban blanc noue autour de la tete et escorte par un important dispositif militaire.
Jellaba also has branches in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the US, Canada, Italy and the UK.
The previously trusted SPLM liberators have turned around to betray the people's trust by taking them back to the anguishing situation of wars and tribal hegemonic oppressions that came to replace Jellaba's injustices.
DAVID Beckham lying low in Morocco and trying to disguise himself with a jellaba. Doesn't he remember Liz Hurley and the silly blonde wig?
Her costumes ran the spectrum from a Christian Dior, fur-trimmed, bejeweled velvet gown to the jellaba garb of a Tunisian vendor.
Nimeiri's violations of peace agreement was exacerbated by the divisions and lack of unity of Southern the leaders under the conspiratorial groupings of Joseph Lagu and Abel Alier who were used by Khartoum by short-changing them in power as the Jellaba wished.
The administration continued to employ Northerners, and jellaba continued to traverse the region; only trivial signs of creeping Northern influence were suppressed.(30) The failure of Southern Policy can be seen in the admittance, made in 1954 by the Governor of Upper Nile Province, that the Sudanese jellaba held a "semi-monopolistic position in the local economy."(31) Thus, Southern Policy did not halt the infusion of Islamic elements into the Southern region, and the Dinka were exposed to Islam for centuries.
An exotic cast of features, myths, stereotypes and exercises in sensory seduction (scents of perfumes, spices, honeyed mint tea, jellaba, Casbah, Medina, babouche, sirocco, souk, story-tellers, snake charmers, conjurors, water sellers, even dentists with their own stalls, pliers ("teeth pulled on the spot"), seemingly deconstructed by the writers, resurface with a vengeance in the marketing design of their literary productions.
(9) The jallaba (also spelled jellaba or gellaba), so named because of their full-length robes or gellabiyya, formed an established network of traders with roots dating as far back as the Funj kingdom.
doubled the pronunciation of letters in, for example henna, jellaba,
Wealthy local Jellaba merchants have become increasingly important as absentee landlords in regions such as Darfur, putting additional pressure on peasants and pastoralists.