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or djel·la·bah also jel·la·ba  (jə-lä′bə) or ga·la·bi·a (gə-lä′bē-ə)
A long, loose, hooded garment with full sleeves, worn especially in Muslim countries.

[French, from Arabic jallāba, variant of Arabic jallābīya (perhaps originally meaning "garment worn by traders"), from jallāb, trader, importer, from jalaba, to attract, bring, fetch, import; see glb in Semitic roots.]


(ˈdʒɛləbə) ,






(Clothing & Fashion) a kind of loose cloak with a hood, worn by men esp in North Africa and the Middle East
[from Arabic jallabah]


A long, loose, hooded cloak with wide sleeves, worn in many Muslim countries.
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Pour ceux et celles qui cherchent un look plutot urbain, il est preferable d'eviter cependant de l'associer a des jellabas, au risque d'accentuer le cote Beldi.
We speak French, English, and Arabic in the same sentence, salivate over both French cheeses and Moroccan couscous at the same table, and wear blue jeans under traditional Jellabas to Friday prayers at the mosque.
We are then told that "Miguel was dressed as a vizier of the Arabian Nights, while most of his friends wore Moroccan jellabas or Turkish jabadors and sarouals in every shade of pink" (105).
In the cafe, we see a mixture of upright people, dressed in European clothing and confident postures, as well as some women dressed in jellabas.
Its no longer Grand Hotel has closed, but Asni still hosts a lively weekly market and remains the sort of place where, on other days, villagers in jellabas have time to watch the world go by.