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v. jelled, jell·ing, jells
1. To become firm or gelatinous; congeal.
2. To take shape or become clear; crystallize: A plan of action finally jelled in my mind.
1. To cause to become firm or gelatinous: used pectin to jell the jam.
2. To cause to take shape; make clear and definite; crystallize.

[Probably back-formation from jelly.]
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Adj.1.jelled - congealed into jelly; solidified by cooling; "in Georgia they serve congealed salads"
solid - of definite shape and volume; firm; neither liquid nor gaseous; "ice is water in the solid state"
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After a slow start, the dancers jelled with Taylor's effervescent choreography, bounding, hopping, crawling, and tumbling across the stage like children at play.
The massive Flood, with its pitching wave-like form, gives the game away: Waldron's sculptures are amorphous moments that have jelled into spaces; that is, they are fluxes that have become crystallized and becalmed.
Woodall says he's "looking at several opportunites, but nothing has jelled yet."