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jelly bean

also jel·ly·bean  (jĕl′ē-bēn′)
A small ovoid candy with a hardened sugar coating over a chewy center.


(Cookery) a bean-shaped sweet with a brightly coloured coating around a gelatinous filling


(ˈdʒɛl iˌbin)

a small, bean-shaped, chewy candy.


[ˈdʒelɪbiːn] Ngominola f
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Home Comfort, for example, plans for 50 styles to be introduced this week, specifically for its Jellybean brand.
In the wake of the furore over the jellybean incident during the second Test between England and India, Paddy Power have priced up who was responsible for placing the sweet on the Trent Bridge wicket.
The Jelly Belly Candy Co., Fairfield, CA, is funding and supplying the jellybean carbohydrate supplements (sports beans) for the study.
Another way to build business in jellybeans is to create a Jellybean Buyer Card.
Cut jellybean in half, dip it in peanut butter and gently press on top of cookie where eyes should go.
Another defect of the studies was that the incidence of diabetes in the test population was so low that the sensitivity and specificity of the jellybean test load could not be assessed reliably.
Asda has agreed to stop selling the Jellybean Shooter, which comes as a gift pack with a glass full of the children's sweets.
Three types of jellybean are also included in the assortment, which is available in a family pack.
presentation in association with John Leguizamo and Jellybean Benitez.
In an all cash transaction valued at $1,455,000, 11 Gramercy Park South has been sold to music producer John "Jellybean" Bennitez.
The handset offers 4GB internal storage, which can be further expanded upto 32 GB via microSD card and runs on Android Jellybean 4.2.2 OS.
Michael Dettlatt named his 5.16 carat gem - as big as a jellybean and worth thousands of pounds - God's Glory Diamond.