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Adj.1.jellylike - thick like gelatin
thick - relatively dense in consistency; "thick cream"; "thick soup"; "thick smoke"; "thick fog"
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We could not succeed in making powder, as it became jellylike paste," one lamented.
It's the cleanser I reach for the most because of how deliciously jellylike it is and how fresh it makes my skin feel after.
yothersi, which hosts the pathogens in the jellylike cytoplasm outside the nucleus.
While the incendiary bombs commonly referred to as napalm, a jellylike substance invented during World War II have not killed nearly as many people as ordinary bombs, they have heightened fears in Daraya, which has been under siege for more than three years and is under near-daily bombardment.
Lots of gurgling and rumbling, involuntary stool, drives the patient out of bed in the morning, mushy stool with jellylike lumps of mucous.
And a makeup remover offers jellylike cleansing: The product looks like honey and changes texture when water is added.
A ripe persimmon will be very soft, jellylike and nearly liquid, at which point its flavor is divine, often described as ripe apricot--mellow, sweet and spiced.
Now that I come to think of it, how tawdry and tumid they looked, those jellylike pictures .
This 'slipped' or 'ruptured' disc can cause tears towards the soft, jellylike center of the disc (nucleus pulposus), forcing a fragment of the nucleus to rupture the outer layer of the disc.
I saw Hitler last in Seebruck, slowly gliding by in a car with armor-plate sides, with an armed bodyguard of motorcycles in front as further protection: a jellylike, slag-gray face, a moon face into which two melancholy jet-black eyes had been set like raisins.
Water-dwelling creatures such as frogs lay tiny unshelled eggs in jellylike masses.