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jer·ry can

 (jĕr′ē) also jer·ri·can (jĕr′ĭ-kăn′)
A flat-sided can for storing or transporting liquids, especially gasoline, having a capacity of 5 gallons (19 liters).

[From Jerry.]
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a variant spelling of jerrycan
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Water vendors in those areas are already selling a 20-litre jerrican for between Sh20 and Sh50.
In the clip, the man can be seen parking his car in front of another car, which reportedly belonged to his sister, pours a jerrican of gasoline all over it before he sets it on fire.
Ainsi et en attendant les conclusions de l'enquete epidemiologique, seules les analyses effectuees sur un echantillon d'eau d'un jerrican stocke par une famille, dont 11 membres sont victimes de l'epidemie, et celles pratiquees sur les eaux prelevees en aval de l'ouvrage, soit au bout de la canalisation qui alimente un petit bassin et qui sert de source d'approvisionnement en eau pour les riverains, se sont averees positives.
Amira, the family matriarch, said she and her three children were sharing a 10-liter jerrican of water for bathing.
Sister Evangelique goes to the well to fill her jerrican with water.
Fuel cost over 180 Sudanese Pounds (SDG) - 67 USD - per 20 litre Jerrican in Unity State when the north blockage it business transportation of goods into the southern state.
She makes the four-hour round trip to the stream and carries back 5 gallons of water--about 40 pounds--in a yellow jerrican harnessed to her back with bits of rough rope.
(9) ngeli pronoun person examples in a sentence number a-wa u- 2nd singular (wewe) umeenda nyumbani 3rd (you) you have gone home a- singular (yeye) ameenda nyumbani (s/he/it) s/he/it has gone home u-i u- - singular (mti) umeanguka (tree) it has fallen i- - plural (miti) imeanguka (trees) they have fallen i-zi i- - singular (ndoo) imeanguka (the jerrican) it has fallen) u-zi u- - singular (ukuta) umeanguka (the wall) it has fallen u-ya u- - singular (ugonjwa) umezidi (disease) it has increased u u- - neutral (urembo) unapendeza (beauty) it is pleasant/attractive i i- - neutral (chai) imepikwa (tea) it has been made Vowels too take up the prepositional function in Kiswahili.
The single-port configuration is similar to the company's Jerrican, with a tethered 53 mm cap and convenient handle.
income (Birr) 342 1423 322 1207 * Annual wage income (Birr) 255 318 218 332 Number of rooms 342 1.25 321 1.21 Number of buildings 342 2.46 318 2.36 Lamp 342 1.12 322 1.10 Bed 342 0.13 322 0.14 Radio 342 0.34 322 0.18 Bicycle 342 0.02 321 0.01 Shoes 147 1.01 179 0.94 Jerrican 147 0.50 178 0.50 * indicates difference between men and women is significant at the 5 percent level Table 3.
After a few more minutes they accept that we take the women to a clinic for checkups and provide a jerrican or two filled with water as recompense for the broken gourd.