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jer·ry can

 (jĕr′ē) also jer·ri·can (jĕr′ĭ-kăn′)
A flat-sided can for storing or transporting liquids, especially gasoline, having a capacity of 5 gallons (19 liters).

[From Jerry.]


a variant spelling of jerrycan
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With her four-month-old baby loosely tied on her back and a jerrican on one hand, Angeline Kabon walks to the kiosk.
Water vendors have taken advantage of the scarcity and are selling a 20 litre jerrican for Sh20.
Limited Tenders are invited for Provision of construction material and miscellaneous, items to maintenance of tangible assets, generator spares and de-salination, reverse osmosis plant and jerrican filling device items
Amira, the family matriarch, said she and her three children were sharing a 10-liter jerrican of water for bathing.
Sister Evangelique goes to the well to fill her jerrican with water.
Fuel cost over 180 Sudanese Pounds (SDG) - 67 USD - per 20 litre Jerrican in Unity State when the north blockage it business transportation of goods into the southern state.
She makes the four-hour round trip to the stream and carries back 5 gallons of water--about 40 pounds--in a yellow jerrican harnessed to her back with bits of rough rope.
The single-port configuration is similar to the company's Jerrican, with a tethered 53 mm cap and convenient handle.
After a few more minutes they accept that we take the women to a clinic for checkups and provide a jerrican or two filled with water as recompense for the broken gourd.
The car boiled, and we poured in water from a jerrican and filled up another one to take with us, in case it grew thirsty again on the road going up to Jerusalem.
In addition to the winning entries, Dow AgroSciences was also recognized as a finalist for Best Marketing Campaign with PhytoGen[R] cottonseed; Best Formulation Innovation with Enlist Duo[TM] herbicide;Best New Biopesticide with Entrust[R] Naturalyte[R] insecticide; andBest Packaging Innovation with bottles made with bi-modal resin and the 20-liter high-PCR recycled HDPE jerrican.