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In the Bible, King David's father and the progenitor of the line of Jesus.


(Bible) Old Testament the father of David (I Samuel 16)


(ˈdʒɛs i)

the father of David. I Sam. 16.
References in classic literature ?
DAVID HARDY OF Winesburg, Ohio, was the grand- son of Jesse Bentley, the owner of Bentley farms.
Old Jesse came into town and fairly de- manded that he be given charge of the boy.
They were afraid of Jesse and rarely spoke when he was about.
The hard insistent thing in Jesse Bentley that had kept the people in the house silent and timid and that had never been dispelled by the presence of the girl Louise was ap- parently swept away by the coming of the boy.
There were two influences at work in Jesse Bent- ley and all his life his mind had been a battleground for these influences.
That is what Jesse hungered for and then also he hungered for something else.
Henry Strader, an old man who had been on the farm since Jesse came into posses- sion and who before David's time had never been known to make a joke, made the same joke every morning.
Jake bought everything the newsboys offered him: candy, oranges, brass collar buttons, a watch-charm, and for me a `Life of Jesse James,' which I remember as one of the most satisfactory books I have ever read.
That is how Jesse Trefusis, a poor Manchester bagman, contrived to be come a plutocrat and gentleman of landed estate.
It was further made interesting, by the remarkable experiences of Jesse Hexam in having rescued from the Thames so many dead bodies, and for whose behoof a rapturous admirer subscribing himself 'A friend to Burial' (perhaps an undertaker), sent eighteen postage stamps, and five 'Now Sir's to the editor of the Times.
Here, you Abner, Enoch, Jesse, where ar' ye gotten to?
Sold for the benefit of the creditors and heirs of the estate of Jesse Blutchford,