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a.1.Given to jesting; full of jokes.
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I can't appreciate enough the creative freedom you gave me; the jestful email correspondence and most importantly for giving me this position.
And he says that he "thinks" of her with a Spanish possessive adjective and a formal, though jestful, form of address, "In Spanish I thought of her as Nuestra Sefiora de los Apple knockers" (229).
LATEST AVATAR: Plays a jestful grandmom in Inder Kumar's Super Nani , opening this week RECENT FILMS: Sadiyaan ( 2010), Yatra ( 2007), Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana ( 2006), Bachke Rahna Re Baba ( 2005) WHY FANS WANT HIM BACK: Rekha has remained a Bollywood diva for decades despite some dismal choice of films over the past few years.