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Noun1.jet bridge - an extendible bridge for loading passengers onto large commercial airplanes; provides protected access to the plane from the gate
footbridge, overcrossing, pedestrian bridge - a bridge designed for pedestrians
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The 31-year-old man, identified only as Xia, was seen walking up the jet bridge with his wife, who was carrying their four-month-old daughter in her arms.
A China Airlines (CAL) flight from Sydney was delayed for 16 hours after a jet bridge hit the Airbus A350, reports said Wednesday.
Global Aviation is well-known for its delivery of quality check-in and boarding services, centralized baggage tracing and, creating the jet bridge connection to the aircraft -- services that are all important to Jetlines' operational plans and will help ensure strong on-time performance.
As he stepped out of the plane through a jet bridge he was met by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammad Bin Zayed Al-Nayhan.
Summary: Baltimore [USA], Dec 30 (ANI): Six people were injured after a jet bridge collapsed at the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) here on Saturday (local time).
Jet bridge collapses at Islamabad International Airport
Pizza remembers one family whose teenage son was terrified of stepping across the slight gap between the end of the jet bridge and the plane.
The four posed while in the jet bridge, wearing comfortable, casual clothes for the flight.
'To regular travelers, I am sure they are aware of the state of the airports, from the toilets to the jet bridge, it is rather pathetic!
ISLAMABAD -- A passenger was injured after a jet bridge collapsed at the newly built airport in Islamabad on Tuesday.
In Wednesday's Senate inquiry into the recent Xiamen Air runway fiasco at Naia, Gatchalian provided probers a photo he took during one of his flights showing passengers boarding a Philippine Airlines plane from the ground despite the availability of a tube or jet bridge at one of the gates of Naia Terminal 3.