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A jump in dance from one foot to the other.

[French, from past participle of jeter, to throw, from Old French; see jet2.]




(Ballet) ballet a step in which the dancer springs from one leg and lands on the other
[French, literally: thrown, from jeter; see jet1]



n., pl. -tés.
any of various jumps in ballet with one leg thrown outward and forward.
[1820–30; < French: literally, thrown]


(thrown step). A spring forward, backward or sideways; grand jeté is a leap from one foot to the other.
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We are proud, now we're no longer looked down as poor people in the mountains that have no sense of grown-up dancing,' Henedina Zumel-Rocamora, founder and manager of Jete Performing Arts Studio, told the Philippine News Agency (PNA).
For the grand jete condition, the dancer was instructed to center her feet at the beginning of the runway in a classical fifth position with her foot of preference in front and her arms in demi-seconde.
Flower Bowl Stakes Ladbrokes: 6-4 Zhukova, 2 Grand Jete, 100-30 Dacita, 10 War Flag, 25 Guilty Twelve, 33 Beauly.
According to the Acquisition Agreement, Novel Sino covenanted and guaranteed to Jete Power that the total actual net profit shall not be less than HK$9 million for the two financial years ending 31 December 2017 and 2018 ("Total Guaranteed Profit") ("Profit Guarantee").
Walker, after choreographing and directing Cinderella; A Rock n' Romance Ballet, began writing Le Grand Jete, based on her experiences.
In four Spanish populations (Jete, Salobrena, Algarrobo and Torrox), we had information on egg fertility and clutch size for two or more samples collected in different years (Fig.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the midfoot longitudinal arch height and correlate it with active hip external rotation (ER) in dancers during static postures and technical steps of classical ballet (i.e., first position, demi-plie, battement fondu a la seconde, pas jete a la seconde, and grand jete a la seconde).
L'annonce de cette mort tragique a jete l'emoi parmi la population locale.
A rappeler que 3 voitures ont ete incendiees et des cocktails Molotov ont ete jete sur le domicile d'un agent penitencier a la retraite et sur le poste de police de la region de Barnoussa.