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or jet fighter  (jĕt′fī′tər)
A jet-propelled fighter aircraft.
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-- Indian jetfighter crashes near Pakistani borders.
Fans also took the opportunity to take photos at the entrance arch, larger-than-life displays of Carol Danvers, her jetfighter, and sidekick Goose the cat.
In the end, President and Chief Executive of PIA also presented a model of jetfighter of Pakistan Air Force to Syed Zia Alumdar Hussain.
Later, Mian Mohammad Idrees presented an FCCI shield to Air Marshal Arshad Malik while President and Chief Executive of the PIA also presented a model of jetfighter of Pakistan Air Force to FCCI president.
Department of Defense has called on Lockheed Martin to reduce the current forecast of $1.1T to maintain the F-35 jetfighter program through 2077, Bloomberg reported on April 5.
In a letter to the Council, the UAE delegation said that on January 15 and March 26, Qatar put the lives of civilians at risk when jetfighter came dangerously close to civil aircraft on scheduled routine flights on international routes, Al Arabiya Television reported.
The drastic decrease in pipeline kilometers for the Africa/Mediterranean region is due to Moscow suspending the Turk Stream gas pipeline project in response to Turkey shooting down a Russian jetfighter. Gazprom terminated Saipem's $2.6 billion contract to build a section of the proposed Turkish Stream pipeline beneath the Black Sea.
Interestingly enough, the Turkish Hurriyet media outlet reported Friday that "the Turkish army has suspended flights over Syria as part of an ongoing joint military campaign with the United States against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) after it shot down a Russian jetfighter."
Fly the Dream ( is home to 7 hi-fidelity cockpit simulators, each one having more than 100 functions found in the actual US Air Force jetfighter. The grand opening for this one-of-a-kind entertainment experience is October 15 from 11 am to 9 pm.
The jetfighter was downed by anti-aircraft guns near Arhab, 40 kilometres (26 miles) north of the capital, where armed tribesmen have been locked in combat with the elite Republican Guard, led by Saleh s son Ahmed.
He said it took him 15 years before he finally sought help for PTSD he suffered after he nearly died in 1979, when an F-111 jetfighter crashed and exploded near him.
He was an accomplished pilot who taught jetfighter tactics to the new and coming heroes after the war.