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jet lag

also jet·lag (jĕt′lăg′)
A temporary disruption of bodily rhythms caused by high-speed travel across several time zones typically in a jet aircraft.

jet′-lagged′ adj.
pásmová nemoc
시차로 인한 피로
sự mệt mỏi sau một chuyến bay dài


تَعَبٌ بَعْدَ السَّفَرُ بِالطَّائِرَةِ pásmová nemoc jetlag Jetlag τζέτλαγκ desfase horario aikaerorasitus décalage horaire tegobe nakon leta zbog promjene vremenskih zona jetlag 時差ぼけ 시차로 인한 피로 jetlag jetlag zmęczenie spowodowane zmianą stref czasowych przy podróży lotniczej jet lag нарушение биоритмов из-за долгого перелета jetlag ความรู้สึกหมดแรงและสูญเสียทิศทางเพราะการเดินทางระหว่างเวลาที่ต่างกัน uçak tutması sự mệt mỏi sau một chuyến bay dài 时差
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Healthy poke bowls and a herbal tea designed especially for Qantas, are among the new dining choices on Qantas new 787 Dreamliner Perth to London menus to increase hydration and help reduce jetlag.
MANILA, Philippines Imports Justin Brownlee and Renaldo Balkman bucked jetlag and buckled down to work, combining for 46 points to power Tanduay Alab Pilipinas to a 90-79 victory over Westports Malaysia in the ASEAN Basketball League at the Filoil Flying V Center in San Juan Wednesday night.
Clearly on my three-hour Helsinki to Heathrow flight, jetlag was not an issue, but you certainly appreciate the pleasant, fresh feeling in the cabin and whisper-quiet background noise.
Ozdemir Berova has been the subject of online mockery after stating that using winter time after October "causes jetlag in humans.
Priyanka then posted:"Is it ok to just be home finally and just watch TV and procrastinate while I jetlag for a day before I dive into work?
Priyanka then posted, "Is it ok to just be home finally and just watch TV and procrastinate while I jetlag for a day before I dive into work?
The Filipinos wrapped up practice before dusk on Thursday with Blatche, hit by jetlag, asking to be relieved during scrimmage.
SCOTS scientists have made a discovery which could pave the way for eyedrops to cure jetlag.
MATHEW Webb completed a unique double and qualified for next year's Australian PGA Championship - but now the Bedlingtonshire Golf Club assistant must try to reach the European version with only a day to recover from his jetlag.
But Airbus and Qatar Airways think they might have found a solution to the jetlag problem with their latest aeroplane.
designed to fight common symptoms of jetlag including weariness and dehydration.
Because the jetlag is the hardest thing around trips like that.