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A backpack powered by jets, used especially to enable an astronaut to maneuver independently during a spacewalk.
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JETPACK DREAMS: ONE MAN'S UP AND DOWN (BUT MOSTLY DOWN) SEARCH FOR THE GREATEST INVENTION THAT NEVER WAS searches for a new millennium of dreams that never quite came to life.
Flying using the jetpack is great fun and the fluidity of the controls excellent.
<p>The Contributions effort differs from the Mozilla Jetpack program for browser Add-on development in that Jetpack is intended to grow the audience of potential developers by making it easier to build browser enhancements.
Transforming the science fiction fantasy of personal flying into reality is closer than ever - but can jetpack pioneers make the final leap?
SCIENCE FICTION is supposed to unleash the future before it happens, and the future cut loose by Philip Francis Nowlan in the August 1928 issue of Amazing Stories added iconic technology--the "jetpack"--to our vision of the shape of things to come.
WHERE'S MY JETPACK? A Guide to the Amazing science Fiction Future that Never Arrived DANIEL H.
In the California office of JetPack Games, testosterone runs high, befitting a workplace entirely devoted to the fulfillment of aggro adolescent-male fantasies.
DEM's Jetpack shopfloor data collection package and OfficeLink sales order processing system were chosen.
Called Mid-size eMP jetpack, the offering comprises professional, business and employment services, including system introduction, web design and customisation consulting.
Van Nuys, CA, March 21, 2019 --( JetPack Aviation, the leader in personal vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft has unveiled the Speeder, the world's first jet powered flying motorcycle.
The developer confirmed that a new season of free content will be arriving "soon" alongside a new Jetpack Cargo game mode.
announced that its Colibri LTE chip provides the LTE connectivity for the new Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack, an ultra compact mobile hotspot launching today on Verizons network.