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jet 1

1. A dense black coal that takes a high polish and is used for jewelry.
2. A deep black.
1. Made of or resembling a dense, black, highly polished coal.
2. Black as coal; jet-black: jet hair.

[Middle English get, jet, from Anglo-Norman geet, jeet, from Latin gagātēs, from Greek, lignite, jet, after Gagai, a town of Lycia (near present-day Kumluca, Turkey), where pieces of lignite could be found washed out at the mouth of the local river.]

jet 2

a. A high-velocity fluid stream forced under pressure out of a small-diameter opening or nozzle.
b. An outlet, such as a nozzle, used for emitting such a stream.
c. Something emitted in or as if in a high-velocity fluid stream: "such myriad and such vivid jets of images" (Henry Roth).
a. A jet-propelled vehicle, especially a jet-propelled aircraft.
b. A jet engine.
v. jet·ted, jet·ting, jets
1. To travel by jet aircraft: jetted from Houston to Los Angeles.
2. To move very quickly.
To propel outward or squirt, as under pressure: "Any man might ... hang around ... jetting tobacco juice" (Ross Lockridge, Jr.).

[French, from Old French, from jeter, to spout forth, throw, from Vulgar Latin *iectāre, alteration of Latin iactāre, frequentative of iacere, to throw; see yē- in Indo-European roots.]
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Adj.1.jetting - propelled violently in a usually narrow stream
running - (of fluids) moving or issuing in a stream; "as mountain stream with freely running water"; "hovels without running water"
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That night, too, there was another jetting out of gas from the distant planet.
The MAG-JET valve is designed for jetting applications.