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A trademark for a telescoping corridor that extends from an airport terminal to an aircraft that is used for the boarding and disembarkation of passengers.


(Aeronautics) a moving bridge that connects an airport gate to an aircraft


Trademark. a movable passageway in an airport connecting the terminal building to an airplane.
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Pesapal, an Africa-based e-payment solutions provider, has announced it has partnered with Jetways Airlines, Silverstone Air and Skyward Express to allow the companies to leverage in integrated payment system of Pesapal, the company said.
Following the exposAA(c), KAA temporarily closed air-side access to the Jetways facility to allow for investigations.
Nor does JLA use the telescopic bridges known as jetways to board planes.
Qatar's new Hamad International Airport (HIA) extended its jetways today to welcome arriving passengers for the first time to the world's newest aviation hub.
"A larger, more capable facility is essential as we continue to increase our rates and get ready for the introduction of the new 737 MAX." The expanded CDC will be more than 90,000 square feet and include a new three-story building, as well as new delivery and departure areas with three covered jetways. The design features an open, airy look with large windows overlooking the Boeing Field flight line.
The terminal is equipped with jetways, 45 elevators, and 17 escalators.
Things were hopping in this little building where cocktail-sipping customers prepared to step onto new jetways, tickets in hand for exotic, faraway places.
With a long wingspan of up to 233 feet, the folding wings would make it easier to maneuver in the tight spaces around airport jetways. The idea is not a first for Boeing.
Be aware that small commuter planes used for some connecting flights may not have level Jetways. Request an outside ramp if you cannot manage the steep pull-down stairs.
The airline will also partner with the Rockies to provide a promotional item for fans and renewal incentives for season ticket holders, as well as placing the Rockies' Gameday magazines in the airline's jetways and gates at Denver International Airport and recognising the Rockies on its inflight television system.
Plans call for the flight wings to be demolished in order to connect the new building to Terminal 5 via the jetways. Plans to restore the building would be deferred until a new tenant is located.