n. pl. Jibaro or Ji·ba·ros
1. A member of a South American Indian people of eastern Ecuador and northeast Peru.
2. The language of the Jibaro, of no known linguistic affiliation. In both senses also called Shuar.

[American Spanish Jíbaro, from earlier Xívaro, from Jibaro shuar, indigenous people.]


n. pl. ji·ba·ros
1. A rural inhabitant of Puerto Rico.
2. The country music of Puerto Rico.

[Puerto Rican Spanish jíbaro, from American Spanish jíbaro, member of the Jibaro people of South America (noted for their resistance to colonial rule); see Jibaro.]
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During an era in which Operation Bootstrap's stress on modernity and consumerism demanded musical genres that could be (re)shaped in accordance with new, state-sponsored cultural tastes on the Island, jibaro music emerged as closely aligned with a highly racialized, Hispanophile origins myth that glorified the campesina/o while grounding Afro-Puerto Ricans exclusively in the past.
His daughter Marta was previously married to former world bantamweight champion Raul (Jibaro) Perez.
Dinamica de los principales gremios de aves que habitan la arrocera sur del Jibaro, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba.
While American photographic discourse in the early twentieth century constructed Puerto Ricans as Taino and African, located in the "natural" world, paradoxically Puerto Rican artists deployed a white jibaro and the black woman as worker and servant.
The section on Gonzalez uncovers the multiple ways in which he strays from traditional independence discourse by criticizing its tendency towards (white, conservative, landowning) criollismo, the idealization of the landscape and of the figure of the jibaro, and underscores his nuanced discussion of the role of the United States in women's and labor rights on the island.
Las Nuevas, con una extension de 249,05 [km.sup.2], ocupa la porcion oriental del municipio La Sierpe, limitando al norte con el municipio Majagua (provincia de Ciego de Avila), al este con el municipio de Venezuela (provincia de Ciego de Avila), al sur con el Mar Caribe y al oeste con el Consejo Popular El Jibaro.
But--more importantly for the development of my own vocal style and musical taste--I also remember them playing seises, aguinaldos, and trullas while my grandmother Carmen and my great-uncle Quique sang with their beautiful, nasal, jibaro voices.
Por lo tanto, este trabajo informal que muchas veces no deja para un sustento diario, induce muchas veces al joven al involucramiento en actividades ilicitas como robar y vender drogas en la ciudad, en la cual puede llegar ganarse 50 mil pesos al dia o mas de acuerdo al jibaro (24) y/o al numero de compradores por dia en el sector.