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 (hē′kə-mə, hĭk′ə-)
A crisp, sweet turnip-shaped root vegetable (Pachyrhizus erosus) used raw in salads or cooked in stews. Also called yam bean.

[American Spanish jícama, from Nahuatl xīcamatl.]


(dʒɪˈkɑːmə; Spanish xɪkama)
(Cookery) a pale brown turnip with crisp sweet flesh, originating in Mexico
[C17: from Mexican Spanish jícama, from Nahuatl xicama]


(ˈhi kə mə, ˈhɪk ə-)

n., pl. -mas.
1. the large tuberous root of a tropical American twining plant, Exogonium bracteotum, of the legume family, eaten raw or cooked.
2. the plant itself.
[1900–05; < Mexican Spanish jícama < Nahuatl xīcama, xīcamatl]
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New dishes include ceviche negro: burned salsa, marinated halibut jicama and cucumber; carnitas de pato: duck confit, tomatillo compote; and black truffle and chocolate tart: toffee chocolate, hibiscus and pumpkin seed ice cream.
We had the new menu that included sweet and spicy Sotong Goreng (crispy dried baby squid) and BBSM (bagoong, baboy, singkamas at mangga)-the sliced green mango and jicama soaked in water and served in a glass jar.
2 mg (10% DV) Note: c=cup, g=gram, mg=milligram, mcg=microgram, IU=International Unit, DV=Daily Value, based on 2,000 calories/day 2 large tomatoes, cut in wedges 1c jicama, peeled and shredded 1 fresh Serrano or 1 green onion, sliced Jalapeno chile, seeded 1/3c vinegar and finely chopped 1/4 fresh cilantro, chopped Lettuce leaves 1.
Jicama, Fresh, washed, peeled, cut into sticks, approx 1/2" thick.
Harvest all frost-tender edibles such as late-bearing blackberries, jicama, sweet potatoes, and any remaining tomatoes.
Cooking Club Taste dishes that use quinoa, kale, okra, jicama or eggplant.
Keeping the chicken, beans, and spring greens company are roasted corn, quinoa, tomato, jicama, and feta cheese.
The recipes themselves range from such elegant entries as Romaine and Goat Cheese Spears with Candied Pecans; Foie Gras and Morel Soup; and Prosciutto and Mascarpone Puffs; to Braised Beef Short Ribs with Jicama Kimchee; Tamale Gnocchi with Smoked Tomato Sauce; and Chocolate-Brazil Nut Biscotti.
Menu includes Chicken Tortilla Soup; Jicama, Cabbage and Bell Pepper Slaw With Tangy Citrus-Cumin Dressing; and Mango Coconut Shortcakes.
A refreshed DineFresh vegetarian option now includes orzo pasta with Portobello mushrooms and tomatoes, served with assorted cheeses, lavosh crackers, tomato and jicama salad, and a raspberry swirl cheesecake dessert.
Because of cooking shows, non-Hispanics are finding ways to use items like cilantro, tomatillos, jicama and more," said Lance Jungmeyer, president of the Nogales, Ariz.
Written by famous gourmet chef Puck, "My Foodie ABC" covers delicious unusual foods from chantarelles to weisswurst, from jicama and opah to xuxu and yucca and nopales.