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jig 1

a. Any of various lively dances in triple time.
b. The music for such a dance. Also called gigue.
2. A joke or trick. Used chiefly in the phrase The jig is up.
3. A typically metal fishing lure with one or more hooks, usually deployed with a jiggling motion on or near the bottom.
4. An apparatus for cleaning or separating crushed ore by agitation in water.
5. A device for guiding a tool or for holding machine work in place.
v. jigged, jig·ging, jigs
1. To dance or play a jig.
2. To move or bob up and down jerkily and rapidly.
3. To operate a jig.
1. To bob or jerk (something) up and down or to and fro.
2. To machine (an object) with the aid of a jig.
3. To separate or clean (ore) by shaking a jig.
in jig time Informal
Very quickly; rapidly.

[Origin unknown.]

jig 2

n. Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a black person.

[Probably shortening of jigaboo.]
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References in classic literature ?
Nick-knock, nick-knock, went the cradle; the candle-flame stretched itself tall, and began jigging up and down; the water dribbled from the matron's elbows, and the song galloped on to the end of the verse, Mrs Durbeyfield regarding her daughter the while.
"He's empty enough i' the upper story, or he'd niver come jigging an' stamping i' that way, like a mad grasshopper, for the gentry to look at him.
Moving to and fro with strained exertion, jabbering the while, they were, with their swaying bodies, black faces, and glowing eyes, like strange and ugly friends jigging heavily in the smoke.
One of his fore-paws slipped out through the slats or bars and rested on the bottom of the wagon where the trunks were squeaking, screeching, and jigging. A rut in the roadway made the nearest trunk tilt one edge in the air and shift position, so that when it tilted back again it rested on Michael's paw.
Most Florida offshore anglers are familiar with speed jigging, a technique of Japanese origin popularized by Shimano some 13 years ago with the introduction of the Butterfly Jig series.
"Guido Hibdon's father 'Big Gete' was introduced to bucktail jigs by Harold Ensley and Virgil Ward, and the younger Hibdon worked to become a jigging master on reservoirs of the Ozark region," Kehde says.
HangOn Ltd's New 160 page Product Handbook is now available, which details the full range of masking products, jigs and jigging parts and hooks.
The Dogtooth tuna (Gymnosarda unicolor) has, for a good few years been one of those species which I have dearly wanted to target, especially vertical jigging. I have spent a great many hours researching into all those potential destinations around the globe where one is in with a fighting chance of an encounter with a large 'doggie', as they are affectionately known.
IN THE RIGHT HANDS, A GOOD JIGGING ROD is worth its weight in gold.
The diamond jigging chapters are written according to types of fish, whereas the bucktail chapters are written according to types of habitat.