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13, Jumps n' Jiggles, 1000 Wellington Ave., Elk Grove Village.
When you switch it on, it jiggles your tummy and eventually you will have a toned six-pack like Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan.
"The molecule only jiggles if it is in the right state.
As her sight has faded, and her teeth dropped out, she wobbles and jiggles about looking confused and ignoring everyone.
Kuala Lumpur, Nov 24 (ANI): A doll that jiggles its breasts when its bra is taken off is said to be attracting a lot of attention and customers at a market in Wang Kelian, Perlis.
His technique is pretty impressive - he juggles with bottles, jiggles his behind and makes his female customers drunk with desire.
When a walleye is drawn close (which you know from watching your sonar or underwater camera) but won't respond to the lift-fall-hold sequence, Stange recommends avant-garde manipulation including jigging moves he refers to as nods, jiggles, and shakes--or some combination thereof--to trigger a bite.
Bake until custard jiggles only slightly, about 30 minutes.
Wiggles and Jiggles for children from birth to a year old are held on Fridays in Seaham Hall.
If you don't, the top of the angle bracket jiggles around.
LUNDELL: But those jiggles are warming-up exercises.