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 (jĭ-hä′dē) or ji·had·ist (-ĭst)
n. pl. ji·ha·dis or ji·ha·dists
1. One engaged in jihad, especially one engaged in armed opposition to Western influence and to secular governments and institutions in Muslim countries or areas with Muslim populations when such opposition is perceived as fanatical or employing means that are immoderate or unlawful.
2. One considered to employ immoderate or unreasonable means in pursuit of an aim; a fanatic.

[Arabic jihādī, relating to jihad, fighting, from jihād, jihad; see jihad.]


(dʒɪˈhædɪ) or


n, pl -dis or -deen (-diːn)
(Islam) Islam
a. a person who takes part in a jihad
b. (as modifier): jihadi groups.
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Adj.1.jihadi - of or relating to a jihad
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THE mother of a US journalist killed by IS wants captured British jihadis linked to his death to stand trial and to be kept out of Guantanamo Bay.
The Russian Defence Ministry on Wednesday said 29 Russian military policemen had been surrounded by jihadis as a result of that attack and that Russia had been forced to break them out in a special operation backed by air power.
THE terrorist who tried to set off a nail bomb at Central Station in Brussels was a Moroccan, based in part of the city notorious for jihadis, it emerged yesterday.
In the vast majority of known cases, their radicalization started in either 2011 or 2012 as the civil war in Syria unfolded and jihadis made advances in Mali.
The footage, recorded by two documentary makers in 2014, shows Choudary's links to an international network of jihadis for the first time.
They fear that a potentially dangerous new phase may lie ahead, as the jihadis look for new sanctuaries.
For tourists or for the Golan front, Syria under Bashar by late 2003 still had been considered one of the safest parts of the GME - even as it let some of the world's most violent jihadis (holy warriors) of al-Qaeda freely transit its territory to Iraq after the US-led invasion and occupation of the neighbouring country.
Al-Quds al-Arabi in 2013-14 repeatedly said the "Emir of Raqqa" Abu Lukman had been jailed in Syria but was freed with hundreds of fellow jihadis (holy warriors) by Assad just after the mid-March 2011 start of the Syrian revolution.
Professor Anthony Glees said moves to clamp down on Islamic State (IS) fighter Nasser Muthana would help deter others from joining the group and stop Jihadis using UK benefits for their war.
Gazan jihadis have pledged allegiance to ISIS in the past, but there has been no confirmation from the group itself that it has a presence in Gaza.
He was arrested twice for terrorism offences and trained with a group of jihadis in Paris.