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an expression of surprise (esp in the phrase by jiminy)

jiminy (cricket)

interj (US) → Menschenskind (inf)
References in classic literature ?
Pretty soon we struck the forward end of the skylight, and clumb on to it; and the next step fetched us in front of the captain's door, which was open, and by Jimminy, away down through the texas-hall we see a light
How mortified the kawaii Jimminy Cricket would be to see a bowl of stir-fried grasshopper (inago).
Traditional ethical theorists might criticize such approaches to moral conscientizing as a version of the "Pinocchio theory," that is, one characterized by the advice that Jimminy Cricket gave to Pinocchio: "Always let your conscience be your guide.
Scotland wil be cruising if that happens because wellie-wearing coach Egil Olsen - who dresses like comedy character Jimminy Cricket - has NO other plan of action up his sleeve.
And if SLC says you have to have a tech plan that projects 3 years into the future, then by Jimminy, you better have it
Pinocchio: Jimminy Cricket is a star and the song When You Wish Upon A Star is a classic.