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an expression of surprise (esp in the phrase by jiminy)
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jiminy (cricket)

interj (US) → Menschenskind (inf)
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Pretty soon we struck the forward end of the skylight, and clumb on to it; and the next step fetched us in front of the captain's door, which was open, and by Jimminy, away down through the texas-hall we see a light!
How mortified the kawaii Jimminy Cricket would be to see a bowl of stir-fried grasshopper (inago).
Traditional ethical theorists might criticize such approaches to moral conscientizing as a version of the "Pinocchio theory," that is, one characterized by the advice that Jimminy Cricket gave to Pinocchio: "Always let your conscience be your guide."(52) Some traditional critics consider moral "conscience" as too wispy and dismiss it as poorly defined and operationalized.(53) Other critics go further to imply that fraud is involved in efforts at moral sensitizing or conscientizing--it is little more than a cloak for old-fashioned moral indoctrination.(54)
Scotland wil be cruising if that happens because wellie-wearing coach Egil Olsen - who dresses like comedy character Jimminy Cricket - has NO other plan of action up his sleeve.
And if SLC says you have to have a tech plan that projects 3 years into the future, then by Jimminy, you better have it!
Pinocchio: Jimminy Cricket is a star and the song When You Wish Upon A Star is a classic.