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A poisonous annual plant (Datura stramonium) in the nightshade family, having large, trumpet-shaped white or purplish flowers and prickly egg-shaped seed capsules.

[Alteration of Jamestown weed, after Jamestown, Virginia, where in 1676 regimental cooks inadvertently fed the plant to British soldiers and intoxicated them.]
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Noun1.jimsonweed - intensely poisonous tall coarse annual tropical weed having rank-smelling foliage, large white or violet trumpet-shaped flowers and prickly fruitsjimsonweed - intensely poisonous tall coarse annual tropical weed having rank-smelling foliage, large white or violet trumpet-shaped flowers and prickly fruits
thorn apple - any of several plants of the genus Datura
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The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) has issued a recall for a spinach product on suspicion that it might be mixed with jimsonweed leaves,A BFSAA press office said, quoted by Focus News Agency.A The agency made an urgent check after receiving reports about two Targovishte residents who felt unwell and were diagnosed with possible atropine poisoning.
Later this summer, Pioneer Works will host walks around the neighboring Red Hook area, where participants can expect to see a kind of Ophelia's litany of the shipping trade: jimsonweed from Mexico, perhaps, or Asiatic dayflower hailing from East and Southeast Asia, and of course the aforementioned Japanese knotweed.
The (https://www.britannica.com/science/scopolamine) drug , which has roots in Colombia, is also known as Devil's Breath and is derived from a family of plants that includes nightshade and jimsonweed.
The most common plants that are problematic for dogs are the autumn crocus (Colchicum autumnale), azalea (Azalea nudiflora), cyclamen (Cylamen spp.), dumbcane (Dieffenbachia), hemlock (Conium maculatum, which is a poisonous plant and not related to the coniferous hemlock tree), English ivy (Hedera helix), mistletoe (Viscum album), oleander (Nerium oleander), thorn apple or jimsonweed (Datura stramonium), yew (Taxus spp.), and any mushroom or toadstool that you cannot identify as safe.
When snow falls it creates celestial ice cream cones in the clusters of samaras high up in the tuliptree crowns, and it turns the open beaks of the jimsonweed capsules along the creek's pebbled beaches into white rosebuds.
Prevalent throughout the United States, the fungus overwinters on tomato plant debris and perennial tomato-family weeds, including hairy nightshade, horsenetde, jimsonweed, sacred thorn-apple and silverleaf nightshade.
Some "higher" maths: 24+63=87 kid + cannabis = sequoia 39+88=127 emu + marijuana = butterfly 37+51=88 mare + pot = antelope 22+42=64 ape + hemp = jackass 53+48=101 sheep + rye = dinosaur 28+22=50 man + coca = lion 34+88=122 chick + poppy = mushroom [vb] 40+88=138 cow + jimsonweed = night crawler 30+71=101 mice + equine = centaurs [ILLUSTRATIONOMITTED]
Estimation and Comparison of Base Temperatures for Germination of European Populations of Velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti) and Jimsonweed (Datura stramonium).
Jimsonweed poisoning associated with a homemade stew--Maryland 2008.
The effect of soybean (Glycine max) interference on the canopy architecture of common cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium), jimsonweed (Datura stramonium), and velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti).