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v. jin·gled, jin·gling, jin·gles
1. To make a tinkling or ringing metallic sound.
2. To have the catchy sound of a simple, repetitious rhyme or doggerel.
To cause to make a tinkling or ringing metallic sound.
1. The sound produced by or as if by bits of metal striking together.
2. A piece of light singsong verse or rhyme.
3. A catchy, often musical advertising slogan.

[Middle English ginglen, of imitative origin.]

jin′gly adj.
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Adj.1.jingly - having a series of high-pitched ringing sounds like many small bells; "jingling sleigh bells"
reverberant - having a tendency to reverberate or be repeatedly reflected; "a reverberant room"; "the reverberant booms of cannon"


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Their mother, 30-year-old Jingly, was home taking care of youngest sibling, five-month-old Sofia, while the father, Leo, 33, was at work in Carmona, Cavite.
The gas firm staff donned pointy ears, jingly bells and red and green outfits to raise funds for people living with dementia.
Shopkeepers who'd been distantly transactional for years were suddenly full of conversation and gratitude when I took out that jingly plastic pouch.
He would probably be fine with older children who could play string and feather with him or roll his jingly ball.
He tries to relax, suppress his urges, but the prolonged silence morphs into a jingly static and then a cacophony of voices that speak to each other in a variety of accents.
Out came the wigs, the asymmetrical off-shoulder tops, the ropes of beads, the jingly bangles and earrings, neon socks and leggings, towering shoulder pads, fishnet stockings, glittery blouses and big hair.
The first one who cracks has to wear a jingly elf hat to dinner.
They are powered by tea (provided by local traders) and have been thoroughly checked for rosy cheeks, a cheery nature and a love of all thing jingly, joked a council spokeswoman.
Despite having created 'a jingly jangly mass of indie pop contradictions' The Artisans never set out to create a particular sound, but their individual music tastes have influenced their songwriting.
Nor did jingly instead of silenced, or bells versus wads of paper and toothpicks.
The jingly jangly arpeggios of Gerry Leonard's guitar complement Vega's pitch-perfect voice in the brilliant Jacob and the Angel (the words to which she hasn't yet mastered, hence the crib sheet) and Small Blue Thing.
It''s a pretty decent, colourful and jingly platformer that''s going to delight the hordes of card and sticker collectors out there.