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n. pl. jin·goes
One who vociferously supports one's country, especially one who supports a belligerent foreign policy; a chauvinistic patriot.
1. Of or relating to a chauvinistic patriot.
2. Characterized by chauvinistic patriotism.
Used for emphasis or to express surprise: By jingo, I'm leaving here in spite of the blizzard.

[From the phrase by jingo, used in the refrain of a bellicose 19th-century English music-hall song, from alteration of Jesus.]

jin′go·ish adj.


n, pl -goes
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a loud and bellicose patriot; chauvinist
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) jingoism
3. by jingo an exclamation of surprise
[C17: originally perhaps a euphemism for Jesus; applied to bellicose patriots after the use of by Jingo! in the refrain of a 19th-century music-hall song]
ˈjingoish adj


(ˈdʒɪŋ goʊ)

n., pl. -goes.
a person who professes belligerent patriotism.
[from the phrase by Jingo in a political song supporting use of British forces against Russia in 1878]
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Noun1.jingo - an extreme bellicose nationalist
nationalist, patriot - one who loves and defends his or her country


[ˈdʒɪŋgəʊ] N (jingoes (pl)) (pej) → patriotero/a m/f
by jingo!¡caramba!


n pl <-es>
Hurrapatriot(in), Chauvinist(in) m(f)
(dated inf) by jingo!Tod und Teufel! (old), → Teufel, Teufel! (inf)
References in classic literature ?
By the living jingo, here's the bag of gold on his breast
Hey, by jingo, there's the young Squire leading off now, wi' Miss Nancy for partners
Franklin Blake, by a doctor's assistant with a bottle of laudanum-- and by the living jingo, I'm appointed, in my old age, to be conjurer's boy
Giorgio Armani designed the Jingo table for Armani Casa with a top of emerald-green quartzite stone--an elegant material marked by its burgundy-streaked, mint-green hue.
We don't want to fight, but by Jingo, if we do we've got the men, we've got the ships, we've got the money too.
A veteran of the 1857 Indian Mutiny, he later became a founding officer of the Canadian Army and particularly of its artillery, where he earned the nickname of "Gunner Jingo.
Hearst earned a lasting reputation as a jingo jackass during the Spanish-American War, though it is unlikely he actually wired Frederic Remington in Cuba, "You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war.
Anyway, one fellow most amazed at the sudden elevation of so-so world welterweight champions Tim Bradley as solid candidate for Pacquiao's next foe is boxing scholar and respected columnist Jingo Quijano of Cebu.
Et qui pourrait oublier tous ces personnages qui nous hantaient et qui resteront graves dans nos memoires, indelebiles et vivants : Dracula et Frankenstein, Rocambole et Fantomas, Zorro et Tarzan, Spartacus et Cesar, Sindbad et Ali Baba, Romeo et Juliette, Jingo et Geronimo.
Could it be a linkbetween The Longing of the Dervish and Sudanese novelist Abdel Aziz Baraka Saken's The Jingo, that features the same supernatural element?
This element was dominant on the Ishmael Jingo as it was on the Mombasa Roots hit but that was as far as the similarity went, with the vocal approach setting the two apart.
Our goal should be to start from scratch And rid the Jingo of his gall.