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or jin·rick·sha also jin·riki·sha  (jĭn-rĭk′shô′)
A small, two-wheeled carriage drawn by one or two persons.

[Japanese jinrikisha : jin, person (from Middle Chinese rin) + riki, strength (from Middle Chinese lik) + sha, cart, carriage, vehicle (from Middle Chinese hia, probably of Indo-European origin; akin to Tocharian A kukäl, Tocharian B kokale, wagon); see kwel- in Indo-European roots.]
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the jinricksha. Their resentment was motivated by their own economic status but others resented the SERC out of spiritual belief.
Lloyd writes of visiting the "native quarter" and, while passing a big pond filled with lotuses, having her jinricksha overtaken by a native who had been "lurking around" the shop where she was buying material for a new dress (The Week 27 Dec.