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Variant of jujitsu.


(dʒuːˈdʒɪtsuː) or


(Martial Arts (other than Judo & Karate) & Combat Sports) variant spellings of jujitsu


(dʒuˈdʒɪt su)

also ju•jut•su

(-ˈdʒʌt-, -ˈdʒut-)

a Japanese method of defending oneself without weapons by using the strength and weight of one's adversary to disable him or her.
[1870–75; < Japanese]
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Noun1.jiujitsu - a method of self-defense without weapons that was developed in China and Japanjiujitsu - a method of self-defense without weapons that was developed in China and Japan; holds and blows are supplemented by clever use of the attacker's own weight and strength
martial art - any of several Oriental arts of weaponless self-defense; usually practiced as a sport; "he had a black belt in the martial arts"
Nihon, Nippon, Japan - a constitutional monarchy occupying the Japanese Archipelago; a world leader in electronics and automobile manufacture and ship building


[dʒuːˈdʒɪtsuː] njiu-jitsu m


nJiu-Jitsu nt
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Jiujitsu specialist Margarita 'Meggie' Ochoa again conquered the world stage with a gold medal in the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiujitsu World Tour held in London.
The remaining sports are table tennis, athletics, cricket, hockey, swimming, water sports, cycling, fencing, tennis, badminton, gymnastics, judo, karate, taekwondo, jiujitsu and karting.
The cast received months of intense fight and weapons training which included multiple different fighting skills from Judo, jiujitsu, capoeira.
FAISALABAD -- Lahore has lifted the title of Punjab Jiujitsu championship held at crescent sports complex on Wednesday.
A jiujitsu brown belt, he also handily finishes opponents by submission or by strikes.
Pakistan's PAK MMA Star, Bashir Ahmad won a gold medal in the 85kg weight in the expert division at the Bangkok JiuJitsu Championships in Thailand.
A wrestler in his youth, Grillo started boxing at age 18 and trained in Brazilian jiujitsu under Rickson Gracie.
Pair any of these with the excellent gastropub offerings devised by Chef Mary Potts, who also trains and competes in JiuJitsu.
I was like, 'Just don't go to jiujitsu for three months, so you don't break any bones.
Aunque queria que El ferrocarril subterraneo estuviera escrito de manera muy lineal, hay dos elementos del libro que son un jiujitsu posmoderno.
It's a jiujitsu move to get someone and hold them without having to do any physical damage.
For every inspiring news item of a woman defending herself, for every group of society girls practicing jiujitsu on the White House lawn, there are accounts like that of a Harvard doctor who warned, in 1873, that physical exertion during menses would leave young women sterile, or eugenicists who wanted to protect women from theoretical attackers in order maintain racial "purity.