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Noun1.job candidate - an applicant who is being considered for a job
applicant, applier - a person who requests or seeks something such as assistance or employment or admission
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It automatically detects the type of mobile or desktop browser the job candidate is using and optimizes the view accordingly.
Inevitably, though, some individuals couldn't help themselves and publicly criticized at least one job candidate.
The company welcomes job candidate recommendations from current employees.
No prospective employer wants to hear a job candidate whine about the current employment market.
The information a job candidate supplies should always be considered suspect.
First of all, the first impression a job candidate makes in an interview becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Reverse resume viewing, defined as the opportunity for a job candidate to view the resumes of current organizational employees, provides selected candidates with information which could prove useful in making a career change decision.
Training is usually short term (2-6 months), but in some cases can take up to a year, is geared to overcoming a major barrier to employment-- lack of job skills--and is recommended in an occupational area that matches the interests, abilities, and skills of the job candidate and the demands of the labor market.
Other times, the HR manager becomes excited about a job candidate and doesn't feel the need to conduct due diligence or background checks.
Both the employer and job candidate forms will be available online by mid-June.
The VR counselor is the central figure in the process of coordinating the services that prepare the disabled job candidate for permanent employment.