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intr.v. job-hunt·ed, job-hunt·ing, job-hunts
To look actively for suitable employment.

job hunter n.


to seek employment; look for a job.
job′-hunt`er, n.
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Summary: Every job hunter with six-month visas 'must pay attention to the visa expiry dates'
But when cuts forced him out of his job in Northumberland he transformed - donning thickrimmed glasses and braces - to become the Extreme Job Hunter.
In a letter to a concerned job hunter who had questioned why the Assembly Government was seeking to spend between pounds 511.28 to pounds 766.80 per day on a sharing information programme consultant, Permanent Secretary Dame Gill Morgan said the post had been advertised by recruitment agency Morgan Hunt, without the Assembly'sknowledge.
"Get the Job You Want in IT: Insider Strategies for a Successful Job Search Campaign" is a guide for the job hunter who wants to be prepared to find the job they are looking for and how to land the employment.
Although the Dawsons provide pages of no-nonsense wisdom to guide the job hunter in such necessary tasks as writing the ideal resume Job Search is more than merely a how-to manual.
Mr Hartley's video, Ernie Hartley: The Job Hunter, is at
2| Become a skilled job hunter Successful job seekers know what they want, understand the swings in the market and know how to present themselves.
A real-life glimpse into ten odysseys to the perfect career, Green's interviews offer tips and encouragement for the job hunter. The ten careers range from dog trainer and cosmetologist to astronomer, marine scientist, talent manager, mayor, reporter on celebrity news, and video game reviewer.
This is an exceptional gift-giving guide to help that job hunter know he's not alone.
One successful method of displaying a job hunter's talents to potential employers is the use of electronic career portfolios (Electronic portfolios).
Was he not the most envied individual, a job hunter in hot demand?
Almost every job hunter is chasing the limited number of advertised job openings at the same time as everyone else.